SSC CGL TIER II 2017 – Paper II questions (English)

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The much-awaited SSC CGL Tier 2 exam was finally conducted successfully after getting delayed for two times. The Exam was conducted by SSC from 17th February to 22nd February 2018. 

As the exams are over now, we have collected the questions that were asked in Tier II. We would like to thank all the students who have forwarded the questions to us.

These questions are definetely going to help all the SSC aspirants who are aiming for SSC CGL 2018 exam.

Some of the questions asked in SSC CGL TIER II are as follows:

DAY 1- 17th February 2018

Some Questions from exam:-


  • Gazzle
  • Tempestous
  • Guzzle
  • Embargo
  • Hound


  • Vista
  • Swindle

Idioms phrases

  • Give it a wirl
  • weather the storm
  • green willow
  • Study of snakes
  • Reap the whirlwind
  • Wild and woolly
  • Whoop it up
  • with the vengeance
  • Spin your wheels
  • Up against the wall

One word Substitution

  • Military takes over a country
  • Dog lover
  • Too bully too furry
  • Lack of Civic mindedness or of patriotism
  • Preferring or attracted to Sunlight
  • Mutual Discourse
  • Study of snakes
  • Killer of prophet
  • A person who preserves the skin of animals
  • Obsession of wine
  • Killing of Birds
  • One who eats mud

DAY 2- 18th February 2018


  • Catch 22
  • Foot the bill
  • Breadth of hair
  • Jog one’s memories
  • Carry the can
  • Get cracking
  • Paper on cracks
  • To be red


Antonyms/ Synonyms

  • Acerbic
  • nuisent
  • combustible___inflammable
  • scurrilous
  • Esoteric
  • Ribald
  • Acerbic


One word Substitution-

  • One who deserts principle
  • A girl having brown hairs
  • Study of culture and tribes
  • Bank of river
  • Old weak lady
  • Phobia to disease
  • One who climbs mountain
  • Church prayer
  • Causing vomit
  • medicine to induce vomiting


Passages based on

  • Rohit Sharma three double hundred
  • Gandhian principal
  • Storm names in south asia

DAY 3- 19th February 2018

1) Antonyms/Synonyms of the words:

→ Profligate

→ Protract

→ Oracular

→ Sneer

2) One Word Substitution:

→ Recluse

→ Abattoir

→ Chauffer

→ Elysium

→ Plebscite

3) Idioms & Phrases:

→ In the teeth

→ Mealy mouthed

→ Pay lip Service

→ In a flutter

→ Out of Sorts

→ Rip up old sores

DAY 4- 20th February 2018


1) Antonyms/Synonyms of the words:

→ Abnegation.

→ Exigent

2) One Word Substitution:

→ Member of a band of robber

3) Idioms & Phrases:

→ Alphabet Soup

→ Bring home the bacon

→ One who has money

→ Banana Oil

→ Up in the air

→ Give oneself airs

DAY 5- 21st February 2018

1) Antonyms/Synonyms of the words:

→ Abettor

→ Jaded

2) One Word Substitution:

→ One who studies election trend by means of opinion polls

→ One who removed from the electoral league

→ Fear of pain

3) Idioms & Phrases:

→ To gird up the lions.

Will update more questions soon……..

Please  share how your exam was in the comments section. Also share questions if you remember any.


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