Stanford Certificate Programs

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Stanford Certificate Programs

You know what they say- Brand matters, Tag matters.
Yeah, it surely does. Want to increase some weight on your resume’? Looking for a professional certification program anywhere round the globe? Give Stanford a thought and all your confusions will get flushed out. Be it normal classes type program in the world class, state-of-art campus of Stanford or online interactive sessions type, Stanford masters it all.


Stanford is always known for its enriched research programs. Over the last few decades, it has always attracted people from all over the world to devote themselves in research. The Stanford Centre for Professional Development connects professionals worldwide to the research and training of Stanford University faculty in related areas of specializations.

Stanford provides two types of certification courses-

  • Graduate certification
  • Professional certification

Under a graduate program, one can achieve a basic graduate degree in his/her desired area of specialization under guided curriculum of study. You will get an international exposure which will boost up your confidence and make you ready to face the real rough world and also, earn a graduate certificate as evidence of in-depth, subject-specific knowledge.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION- the Real piece of cakeprofessionals

The Professional Certificate programs are the real trend which everybody looks for when it comes to Stanford. Stanford faculty and industry experts come together to offer short, intensive learning opportunities where working professionals acquire tools and techniques that have immediate applications. Professional courses are delivered online, on the Stanford campus, and at your work site. There are basically seven intensive and condense professional certificate programs offered by Stanford-

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Energy Innovation & emerging Technologies
  • Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Stanford- IATA Aviation Management
  • Strategic Decision & Risk Management
  • Advanced Computer Security
  • IT Bench-marking


The power and energy sectors are constantly booming, i.e., are on a rise. Its the need of the hour to come up with new ideas and innovations for new energy sources. Determining which technologies will work and can be brought to market mass-scale is an urgent challenge for engineers and businesses, making this an exciting time to be in the energy field. This program will examine emerging technologies that will transform how we obtain, distribute and store energy. Students will learn from some of the best and determine how they can contribute to this dynamic field.

The certificate provides-

  • a whole glimpse and understanding of the present energy scenario
  • fundamentals of how each technology works and affects the economy
  • an idea of how to make wise investments on energy companies
  • valuable insights into what knowledge and experience are needed to be successful in these fields.

The course is mainly for Engineers related with power sectors, product developers, product marketing managers and investors.

Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship

you know what they say- Being an entrepreneur is the art and science of creating values.

running businessman

Stanford is best known for its entrepreneur program. You will get all sort of quality exposure, motivation and enthusiasm to move ahead as an Entrepreneur. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship professional certificate program will teach participants essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations – and for starting new ones.

The course provides-

  • greater understanding of the tools that every innovative organization needs to succeed
  • greater understanding the best and most current research on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • deeper insights into the people you are serving – a powerful tool for innovation
  • the joy of learning from and engaging with some of Stanford’s smartest and most entertaining teachers

This course is best suited for the leaders of innovative teams, marketing, Sales, finance and project management teams, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Strategic Decision & Risk Management

Decision making is always a crucial part of any firm or business. A majority of people lack this awesome quality of decision making and are always afraid of taking risks. The strategic decisions that you come up with shapes the direction and success of your organization. The ability to make effective critical decisions is a valuable and crucial skill that helps make managers, executives, and corporate leaders indispensable. Quality decisions that result in cost, time, and resource savings will benefit the company and your career. The Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program provides u the advanced skills needed to execute business strategies effectively.

The course provides-

  • The encouragement and confidence to take tough decisions under pressure.
  • the idea to design innovation principles to generate better alternatives.

The other professional programs are also of immense use and shapes your career in a never-imagined way. Choose a program according to your area of specialization and your needs and mold your future in a better way.
Hope it helps. Goodluck!!

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