Static And Dynamic Response

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Static analysis and  the static scoring are terms basically used for simple study where any effect of any kind of sudden change to any kind of system is determined without any consideration to the longer term response of that system so as that change.And such type of analysis is actually known as static analysis.

Where as the dynamic analysis can be defined as an aspect which can say a system to be in a continuous change  or as to how any consistent system is effectively to respond to any kind of sudden change the common use of these terms is basically in the budget policy of the  United States.


A control area is a  term that describes the volume of  a controlled airspace that exists in the vicinity of an airport. It consists of specified lower level  as well as a specified upper level. Basically situated on  the top of a control zone and also give protection to aircraft climbing out from the airport by joining the low-level control zone to its nearest airways



The word adjustment means regulating or adapting or settling in a variety of contexts.Adjustment basically has several meanings many relate to insurance or the contracts or even the resolution of disputes .And even in the field of engineering, mathematics, and  also geodesy,

In metrology, the set of operations carried out on any instrument in order so it  provides given indications corresponding to given values of measurand .


  1. Classify stability?

Ans- stability can be classified into three catagories  dynamic,steady state and transient

2.What is the stability of power system?

Ans- it is defined as the condition at which the synchronous machines are operating in parallel in the system remain in synchronism.

3. How are alternators classified?

ans-: Stationary field system type and Rotating field system type.

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