Study in Canada without IELTS test

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Canada is Beautiful City. If you talk about Education, its very good. Most students who study in Canada also settle down at Canada Itself.

There are High Chances friends. Jobs in canada is ample. Even in many cases Studying in Canada is Easy and Cost effective.

Most Important thing is You will Earn in Dollor. In india the population is more and Jibs are less.

No matter how big and branded education you take. It has often been seen that, students in india struggle  alot in getting Job


Exams to Settle Down in Canada


There are many international Exams for which you need to Prepare, if you want to settle at Canada or ameriac.

Majorly students opted for IELTS, TOEFEL, GRE, GMAT.

IELTS is the most common Exam.

But don’t worry.

Don’t be scared


We are going to tell you how Study in Canada without IELTS test


Many students find it difficult to get into courses in foreign universities as they cannot get scores in GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL.


canada without IELTS Exam



  • The English proficiency test is mandatory for many institutions that can overwhelm the students. To make it easier for international students to get a quality education, several universities in Canada have waived off the IELTS scores.


  • It will help the students who try repeatedly to increase the scores in the examination a chance to pursue their dream course. The general rule that governs the non-requirements of IELTS includes.


Students are native English speakers (or)
Students coming from non-English countries have a formal degree in education (3 or more years) in English.

The universities/colleges in Canada offering courses for international students without English language proficiency tests are:


Memorial University:


The university offers the best facilities to all its international students. They can get long study sessions even at their pace.  You will get a comfortable environment that suits you for better learning.  You can increase your skills by choosing it.


Carleton University Canada

This is the very popular university that provides you the best learning methods. You will surely enjoy the extraordinary services and quality of education.


Brock University:

The top and experienced faculty offer individual attention to every student. The university is very famous all across the world and students who want to pursue higher study in Canada.


Concordia University

Students can find everything that they can get in world-famous universities here. The experienced and skilled faculty let students learn new things and encourage them to discover and explore new techniques in relevant programs.


University of Winnipeg

It offers various programs and courses for the welfare of learners and students. They can choose the relevant course and enhance their skills for a wonderful future.


University of Regina:

Completing higher studies from this university has become very popular. The university offer master, bachelor and various professional degrees. Study without IELTS test can be very helpful for the students.  This is like an offer that is beneficial for the students who want to spend their most of time in learning new skills.


University of Saskatchewan

You can take admission here without qualifying IELTS. These universities demand English proficiency letter from students but this university allows you to take admission here without that letter.


Memorial University

The students who are willing to pursue their course in Canada need not submit their IELTS during the application process. Instead of IELTS scores, students need to submit documents that can support their claims of English language proficiency. So, students need to submit documents, certificates, etc.

that prove that the medium of instruction in the degree obtained is English along with the transcripts. The above-mentioned universities are incredible as they offer the best linkage at the international level.

Students can improve their skills by taking admissions in such renowned and top-rated universities.  Distance education facility is available in Canada and you can choose any program and subjects in these universities.


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