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Study Material for UPSC Mains of Geography optional

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This article gives you the complete information regarding Geography and also about the study material for UPSC Mains of Geography optional.

Introduction To Geography

Geology (from Greek, geographia, lit. “earth description” is a field of science committed to the investigation of the terrains, the gimmicks, the occupants, and the phenomena of the Earth.An exacting interpretation would be “to depict or expound on the Earth”. The main individual to utilize the expression “geology” was Eratosthenes (276–194 Bc).Four chronicled customs in topographical examination are spatial investigation of the characteristic and the human phenomena (topography as the investigation of conveyance), range studies .

Reference Books for UPSC Mains of Geography as Optional Subject


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certificate-physical-and-human-geography-200x200-imadaqzyxpzswmkxAll about Geography for UPSC Mains of Geography.The book has unique content and the book is written by the best writers of the country.The book is editors choice and also suggested by the UPOSC Mains toppers.

Publisher:Oxford University Press

Price In India: Rs 300


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geography-of-india-200x200-imadsgsbpzdctvcyGeography Of India:All about the best Geography of India 5th edition for UPSC Mains Exam:The book has quality of content and discus the entire syllabus of UPSC Mains.The book is famous all over and basic ideas are given and explained in a well manner.

Publisher:Tata Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt Ltd

Price In India: Rs 440


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geography-200x200-imadfzrwchh2nfbyThis is the best comprehensive book for UPSC Mains Exam of Geography that deals with the study of material for Geography and discuss some of the basic facts of Modern India.The book is written by the best experts and suggested by the toppers of UPSC Mains exam.


Publisher:Tata Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt. ltd


Price In India: Rs 525


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india-a-comprehensive-geography-200x200-imadyfkqawmggxczBest book for the preparation of UPSC Mains of Geography as an optional subject:The book that deals with the study of Modern India, discuss some basic ideas and facts about the modern world.You must go through this book.

Publisher: Kalyani Publishers

Price In India: Rs 480




world-geography-200x200-imadcymytcphubjaBest book for the Geography of UPSC Mains exam: The book is World Geography that deals with study and structure about the Modern world.The History of India and other are discussed in well manner.The book is written by best experts of the counter.The book is suggested by the toppers.

Publisher: Rawat Publications

Price In India: Rs 228



gist-of-ncert-geography-200x200-imae2wbyxrvdgjgfGist of NCERT Geography:Top most study material of Geography for UPSC Mains NCERT book that is published by the Kalinjar publications and written by the best writers in the country.The book deals with the history of Modern India.

Publisher: Kalinjar Publications

Price In India: Rs 95



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