Submit your college MBA Projects or engineering projects to us and get rental

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Get paid for your Projects , Rent it to us and we will pay you according to quality

We at Ruva customer services Pvt Ltd has always been known for our innovative methods to help students or educational community as whole. Today We have brought new strategy and new concept for you all who make there college project may it be MBA projects or engineering or Journals or Papers or your Videos or PPT’s , we will pay you for your projects.

We want you to make origninal projects

We will pay you for your projects


How can I earn from My project

Rent Out Your Projects to Us , We will pay you for your project by

Every student makes some project during his or her school , college education days. Many of them make it on there own and many copy it from any source and submit it to faculty. We at Ruva salute every student who work hard to make there project on there own , although we are also in business of making projects for students then even we salute those students who work hard to give there own work in Project , we have brought methodology to pay you for your own work. We will rent out your project at our website and as many people will read accordingly you will be paid.

How do I Get Money

We will check originality of your projects and then we will check its viability and then we will pay you for your project in your Bank account on monthly basis. it will depend on number of readers your project attracts.

Can I rent out Projects got made from

Yes you can get project made from us and rent it out but in that case maximum payment which we will give you will be 50% of total what we have charged from you for your project.

In which Format Projects should be

There is no specific parameter or Format for Project , its according to you but It should not be copied from any source and it should be your original work. Your Project can be in any form from DOC file to PDF or Video.

Can Any one make Project for me

Ans:  Yes many organisations , coaching centers , teachers makes your project and charges rate from you according to quality you want. A good Ph.D thesis charge can vary from Rs 25000- Rs 1, 20,000 depending on your Topic and how much fresh work you want to get done. As much as charge is high better expert writes that.

How can I increase my income

1. Large number of projects or Papers or post will increase your income.

2. Your reference will increase income for you.

3. As many people will read your post/article more is your income , so share link or url of your paper or post with your friends on your facebook , G+ , Linkedin etc social circles

How much I can earn from my project.

It depends on how much important your project topic is for people on internet , How well you have written In what way its original and how it will help society as whole. we publish your project with us and on every 1000 visitor basis we pay you. You can earn it as  your pocket expenditure to like that of an author who gets about millions for sharing what they think about.

Can I submit my Project even if I have copied from net.

No , we will not allow such content at all , moreover we have strong mechanism for plagiarism check which says from which source , you have copied as this model will not work at all if we allow any copied content and under IPR , we may be banned.

How and where I should contact

If you want to submit your project then let us know at

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