Support Cages

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Support Cages are the frame works or grid, which is made up of metal that supports a filter bag. These are made of carbon steel and galvanized iron (it is the coating of zinc layer to protect the material from corrosion).There are 8 to 24 wire arrangement in each cages. These vertical wires are attached with the help of high speed welding. Cage configurations are in the shape of circular, oval, diamond, flat and star shape. There may be also used mild steel or stain less steel. These steel are having the percentage of carbon is between the .2 to 4 %. The manufacturing of these cages is done in the CNC machines which are highly accurate in its parameter.It is an inclusive range of standard and non-standard support cages that are intended to suit the customer’s requirement and all types of bags.Although the cage configurations are available of circular , oval , diamond and  flat and star shaped and these can be designed and worked it in a variety of metal grades of mild steel and stainless steel in addition to the specialist alloys.
The manufactures of support cages on controlled welding machines which is to be mechanized production and the process that ensures proficient and high quality products.However, the machine has manifold spot heads that boost the rate of production and reduce time lead.


They are in the shape of circular, oval, rectangular, diamond and flat shapes.
They are made up of carbon steel and galvanized iron.
The galvanization process is done to protect the wire from the corrosion.
The cages are designed under the OEM specifications.
The dia. Of the wire is about 3 to 6 mm.
There are 8 to 24 vertical wires.


In the terms of technical aspects the following things should be mentioned first that is –
Number of wires assembled in the cage.
From which kind of material the wires are made.
The strength of the cages that should be able to sustain the pressure of the incoming and outgoing air from it.
The dia. Of the circular section of the cages which is used in their construction for their making.


It provides the frame work to the filter bag.
It is having the strength so not be damage easily.
These are used mostly in the industrial purposes.


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