Syllabus for Bihar CET with exam pattern and eligibility

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Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE) is conducted by Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive examination Board (BCECEB), a state level competitive examination for admissions to the different colleges in Bihar for engineering and medical courses. In this section, we have provided the entire details of the Bihar CET like eligibility criteria of Bihar CET, selection process, educational qualification required and the syllabus for Bihar CET etc. Still if it contains any error please do let us know through the comments for further improvement. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Educational Qualification : Candidates must have passed 10+2 or it’s equivalent or 12th appearing candidates can also apply.
  • Age : No Age Restriction
  • Only Indian Citizens.

Scheme of the BIHAR CET 

Bihar CET consists of two stages

  • Stage –  I
  • Stage – II

Stage – I

  • It consists of fours sections : Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology
  • Physics and Chemistry are compulsory subjects
  • According to their Initial choices. Engineering Student will attempt Maths and Medical Students will attempt Biology.
  • Total Marks is 150 including all.

Stage – II

  • It consists of four sections : Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology
  • Total number of questions per subjects will be 100
  • Total marks will be 400 for each subject.
  • Total time allotted will be one and half hours for each subjects.

Syllabus for Bihar CET 

Physics Syllabus :

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current and Current Electricity, the Electrostatics, the Ray Optics and Wave Theory, Heat Radiation and the  Wave Motion and Sound , the Fluids and S.H.M., Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body and  Gravitation and Electromagnetic Induction as well as A.C., Electrons and Photons and Radioactivity, the Semiconductors.

Chemistry Syllabus :

Electrochemistry and  Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics, the Nature of Chemical Bond II, Adsorption and Colloids and the  Chemistry of Representative Elements ( p block) of  Nuclear and Radio Chemistry and Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes and the organic hydroxy Compounds, Chemistry of Transition and Inner Transition Elements and Carbohydrates,the Proteins and Fats, and Chemical Kinetics,the Coordination Chemistry and The Solid State .

Biology Syllabus : 

The Physiology of Animals and Animal Nutrition, The Anatomy study and Physiology of Animals Skeletal system, the 4- Reproduction and the Growth & Development in plants & Animals along with  Genetic study and Environment and Human Welfare Biodiversity and  Environment and Human Welfare and the Biodiversity .

Mathematics Syllabus : 
The limits and the continuity and the vectors ,3-d geometry and matrices and the derivatives and their application,the statics & dynamics and indefinite integrals along with definite integrals & its applications, the probability and  boolean algebra and the linear inequations of differential equations etc .

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2 Responses to Syllabus for Bihar CET with exam pattern and eligibility

  1. reetika srivastava says:

    CET is the combined entrance exam conducted in Bihar region for the students to get different medical and engineering colleges. One must go through this article to know about the complete syllabus and pattern of the exam.

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