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Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) is the government agency in Karnataka, which regulates the employment and working conditions of a civil servants in Karnataka. The body is created by the constitution of India to select applicants for civil service jobs in the Indian state of Karnataka according to the merits of the applications and the rules of reservation. In this section, we have provided the latest syllabus of KPSC Karnataka Public Service Commission for Enumerators (Computer Science). This is the updated and latest syllabus of KPSC as recently updated by Karnataka Public Service Commission. Still if it contains any error please do let us know through the comments, Any type of feedback/suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Syllabus of KPSC

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                                   FOR ENUMENATORS

                                 (COMPUTER SCIENCE )

Under the  Constitution of India ‘s provision the Public Service Commission was constituted. It was constituted on  18-05-1951. The candidates appearing for Karnataka Public Service Commission are selected under three basis .

1 . The candidates has to undergo both a written competitive exam as well as a test of personality .

2. They can be selected on basis of only an Interview round .

3.  They can also be selected on basis of only a competitive exam ( Written ) .

There are a number of posts that come under KPSC ( Karnataka Public Service Commission). One among them is the Non- Technical Post. The non-technical post consists of the Statistical Inspector and the Enumerators. The Enumerators are then divided into the maths/computerscience/economics/statistics and library assistant , probationary officer, law officer, hostel Superintendentlegal metrology inspector etc .



1 . INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS : Definition of  Computers  ,  History of Computers , Characteristics and Generation of Computers  , Parts of Computers and Computer Hardware .

2. INPUT / OUTPUT DEVICES : Knowledge about input and output devices like the Keyboard , Mouse , Joystick , Game Pad etc and Optical input devices like the Scanner , OMR , MICR , Knowledge about Dot Matrix Printer , Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer .

3 . COMPUTER NETWORK :  Definition of Computer Network  and its Uses , Types of Computer Network like the LAN  , MAN , WAN . Network Topologies like Mesh Topology , Star Topology , Bus topology , Ring Topology and Tree Topology .

4 .  ALGORITHMS: Its  definition, notations and  steps involved in problem solving, some examples like the area of a circle, largest of three numbers, factorial of a number, Fibonacci series, simple interest, flowcharts. Definitions of the above , symbols and flow charts for the above algorithms.

5.  DATA PROCESSING AND DATA STORAGE :  Its definition , The decimal number system, binary number system, but, byte, word(definitions), types of storage devices- magnetic, hard disk, CD ROM, floppy disk.

6. MS office : MS word, MS excel, MS power point.


1. PROGRAMMING WITH C  : Its  introduction, Its features, basic program structure of C, tokens, key words and identifiers, constants, variables, data types etc .

2. OPERATORS :  Operators like  arithmetic operator , relational, logical, assignment, increment and decrement, conditional, precedence of operators and associativity of operators .

3. DECISSION MAKING , BRANCHING AND LOOPING : if statement and if-else statement, switch statement, while, do while and for statements, break and continue statement etc .

4. ARRAYS  : Its definition and syntax, one and two dimensional arrays and  array initialization.

5. FUNCTIONS : Its definitions, syntax of function declaration and all types of functions.

6. STRUCTURES , UNIONS AND POINTERS  : Its definition, syntax, difference, pointers- definition, understanding pointers, accessing and address of variable, declaring and initializing pointers etc .

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2 Responses to Syllabus of KPSC

  1. Nandan B C says:

    Is the syllabus for karnataka public service commission and upsc are same? What are all the differences with syllabus point of view? Does it help me to attend kpsc if i prepare for upsc?

  2. Nandan B C says:

    Is the syllabus for karnataka public service commission and upsc are same? What are all the differences with syllabus point of view? Does it help me to attend kpsc if i prepare for upsc?

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