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  • Difference between DBMS and File Management System

    Sep 17, 15 • 95399 Views • Resources3 Comments

    Introduction Following are the questions and answers based on the difference between DBMS and file management system- Ques 1. Define dbms and file management system ? Ans- Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and a set of

  • Role of Database Administrator ( DBA )

    Oct 18, 13 • 3887 Views • Engineering Sample PapersNo Comments

    A database administrator is one who has all the authorities to control and manage the whole database. These includes the installation of the database, updating the database, configure the database, monitoring and maintenance of the database in an

  • Distributed Database

    Sep 26, 13 • 5624 Views • NotesNo Comments

    A distributed database system is a database which is stored in various storage devices which are neither physically connected to each other nor they are connected to a common Central Processing Unit. Distributed database system is a collection of data with


    Feb 3, 13 • 11260 Views • Group Discussion12 Comments

      INDIAN AGRICULTURE SYSTEM  Agriculture sector is changing the social-economic environments of population due to liberalization and globalization. About 75% people are living in rural areas and are still dependent on Agriculture. About 43% of India’s

  • History builds us or spoils us?

    Feb 3, 13 • 4335 Views • Group Discussion15 Comments

    History builds us or spoils us? History is anything that relates an individual to his/her past. History always reminds a human to know what he was in his past and what he is now. If we take our past and can find what all mistakes that we have committed than