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  • Deadlock

    Dec 10, 13 • 5937 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    First of all let us know in details about what actually deadlock is. Well, Deadlocks is related to the subject called DBMS (Data Base Management System). It is actually a condition in which the processes get in a loop and each process waits for the other one

  • Database Redesign

    Oct 23, 13 • 4512 Views • Notes2 Comments

    Data is the most important part and need of database. It is the fundamental component of an information system. Through database design, we can arrange the required data for the organisation and arrange them in an organised structure. The ER approach has

  • Introduction to Database Environment

    Oct 18, 13 • 4937 Views • Notes1 Comment

    Advanced databases plays a vital role in functioning of modern organisation. Every day we all are dealing with some database applications like shopping at a super market, withdrawing cash using ATM, ordering a book online etc. Database technology not only

  • Data Base Management System Sample Paper

    Mar 11, 13 • 4676 Views • Engineering Sample Papers3 Comments

    Sample Paper for DBMS(Data Base Management System) Q.1: What is the difference between DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and RDBMS? Ans: DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM helps in storing, managing of data from collection of logically related information. And Relational