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  • Rotary airlock valve

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    INTRODUCTION: It is a superior quality rotary air locks that are reliable and more efficient and have a long service life. The  important key to rotary valve performance and durability is optimal selection of air lock that depending on your process

  • Flexible bellows

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    INTRODUCTION: The bellows or a pair of bellows , it is a device that is constructed to furnish a strong blast of air.Although , the simplest type consists of a flexible bag that is comprised of  a pair of rigid boards with handles that are joined by flexible

  • Venturies

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    INTRODUCTION It is a effect with which a funnel and the velocity of the fluid increases as the cross sectional area decreases.the static pressure correspondingly decreasing although,it provides an enhanced air flow and volume in to the filter sleeves .

  • Screening Mesh

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    INTRODUCTION A screening mesh filter is a type of filter that using the filtering sheet or mesh to separate the dust particles from the fluid. The filtering screening is fit in the filtering media and taking out the particles with the process of distillation,