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  • History builds us or spoils us?

    Feb 3, 13 • 4367 Views • Group Discussion15 Comments

    History builds us or spoils us? History is anything that relates an individual to his/her past. History always reminds a human to know what he was in his past and what he is now. If we take our past and can find what all mistakes that we have committed than

  • Top 10 Interview Questions for 2013 – Part 2

    Jan 27, 13 • 3326 Views • Resources20 Comments

    This is the second part of Top Interview Questions for 2013. Interview questions have always been an area of interest for people who have been taking part in interview process of job or any college. May it be any where an Interview is an Interview and it has

  • HCI

    Jan 19, 13 • 2488 Views • Resources1 Comment

    Human use of computers is a major focus of the field of HCI 1.WHAT IS HUMAN COMPUTER INTERFACE? ANS  Human-Computer Interaction is the study of how people interact with computers and to what   extent computers are or are not developed for successful

  • Android 4.2 Interview questions

    Jan 13, 13 • 2261 Views • Notes7 Comments

    Android 4.2 Interview questions Android 4.2 Interview questions Q1. What exactly Android is? Ans. Android is a linux based operating system particularly used in touchscreen mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Android is open source and its code is

  • Interview Questions on ASIC

    Jan 11, 13 • 2681 Views • Resources6 Comments

    Ques 1- What is Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)? Ans- Application-Specific Integrated Circuit is an IC built to satisfy some specific need. It improves speed, consumes less electricity and perform the specific task assigned to it very well. It