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  • Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

    May 14, 18 • 2722 Views • Management, MBA, Top Colleges4 Comments

          Post Graduate Course like the MBA (Master of Business Administration) offers students an edge over the others in the job market. It gives them exposure to the techniques that will help them perform their job better. Many students aspire

  • Top Government Exam Coaching Centers in Bangalore

    Jul 3, 14 • 26463 Views • Bank PO & Clerical, CA & CS, Civil Services, Top Coaching58 Comments

    This article tells you about the description of government exams and details of top government exam coaching centers in Bangalore. Government Exams: Every Indian student or Graduate dreams to get a government job. This is mainly because of the salary, job


    Mar 3, 13 • 1832 Views • General6 Comments

    It is always said “Do what you love” unfortunately most of us don’t obey this when it comes to JOBS or I must say MONEY . For some of them jobs are equivalent to money but if you really believe that job is not only about money but it says about you than

  • Role of IT in other Managerial Functions

    Feb 3, 13 • 1418 Views • Group Discussion5 Comments

    Role of IT in other Managerial Functions Now comes the role of IT in managing this big network.Like any other organisation,IT has also its fundamental set of rules and regulations which governs its functioning.How IT helps in controlling and coordinating

  • Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies ?

    Jan 29, 13 • 3137 Views • Opinion1 Comment

    It is not the title MNCs or an Indian company that makes it superior or inferior. It depends on the company level what are its visions, methodology of work and to what extent it is getting success in these factors. Success is something which very importantly

  • Functions in C Language

    Jan 11, 13 • 2052 Views • Resources • • 7 Comments

    Q 1. What is a static function ? Ans 1: A static function is a function whose scope is limited to the current source file. Scope refers to the visibility of a function or variable. Q 2. Is it possible to execute code even after the program exits the main()

  • Sample Interview Questions of Few Companies

    Jan 5, 13 • 3882 Views • Resources2 Comments

    Jobs at some of the MNC Companies in India is the golden dream of the youths nowadays. People are dying to get a job in a reputated MNCs to get a well settled life with maximum job satisfaction and facilities. So to help you with your dreams, here are the


    Jan 4, 13 • 4068 Views • PlacementNo Comments

    SAMSUNG PLACEMENT PAPER 1.what is software life cycle model? 2.what is V-model? 3.What is OOPS 4.concept of OOPS? 5.what is polymorphism and write a program based on it. 6.write an algorithm for quick sorting. 7.What is spanning tree? 8.What  is postfix


    Jan 4, 13 • 7768 Views • Placement5 Comments

    ABOUT THE COMPANY: Vodafone India, formerly Vodafone Essar and Hutchison Essar, is the second largest mobile network operator in India . It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and which operates nationally. On July 2011, Vodafone Group agreed terms for the


    Jan 4, 13 • 3649 Views • General2 Comments

    Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud