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  • Head Quarter Level Strategy

    Jul 20, 13 • 3101 Views • General5 Comments

    The strategy that is made by the parent firm is known as the headquarter level strategy.There are many barriers towards head quarter level control which include :- Challenges of cross culture Challenges from the subsidiary Challenges from the headquarter  

  • Global Strategic Management

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    Through international business method the firms are able to conduct their business activities and transactions all over the world. The transactions can include the exchange of goods, services, capital etc. to any part of the world through their business

  • Competitors Analysis

    Jul 16, 13 • 1376 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    Analyzing the competition is the most important work that the marketer need to do before building the brand but how to identify the competition is more important task that needs to be done. Bases for the Competition – The analysis of the customer is done on