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  • Rotary airlock valve

    Jul 31, 14 • 2210 Views • Industrial EquipmentsNo Comments

    INTRODUCTION: It is a superior quality rotary air locks that are reliable and more efficient and have a long service life. The  important key to rotary valve performance and durability is optimal selection of air lock that depending on your process

  • Flexible bellows

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    INTRODUCTION: The bellows or a pair of bellows , it is a device that is constructed to furnish a strong blast of air.Although , the simplest type consists of a flexible bag that is comprised of  a pair of rigid boards with handles that are joined by flexible

  • Filter Press Panels

    Jul 30, 14 • 1339 Views • Industrial EquipmentsNo Comments

    INTRODUCTION Filter press panels are those that contains the sequence of plates with more than one level which is used for filtering the surface from both of the sides. These plates are assembled with the help of the filter cloths. These panels are adequate

  • Solar Thermal

    May 6, 14 • 2738 Views • Solar Energy EquipmentNo Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Solar thermal technology uses the sun energy rather than fossil fuels to generate low cost , environmentally friendly thermal energy.This energy is used to heat water  or other fluids and can also power solar cooling systems . Solar thermal

  • Concept of Globalization

    Jul 20, 13 • 2369 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    The process in which the industries converge economically, financiall and political or the convergence of the system all over the world is known as Globalization. There are different types of Globalization that can be studied which are as follows : Economical