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  • GSM Services and Features

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    GSM Mobile Services and Features: GSM Services follows ISDN guidelines and are classified as either Teleservices or Date Services. Teleservices includes standards mobile telephony and mobile originated or base originated traffic. Data Services includes

  • IEEE 802.11 Standards for WLAN

    IEEE 802.11 Standards for WLAN

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    IEEE is basically used for WLAN i.e wireless local area network. It provides time bounded and asynchronous services for different downloading and uploading speed with time limitation. This is the standard protocol used all over the world. 802.11 comes under

  • Network Switching Subsystem in GSM

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    Network Switching Subsystem (NSS), handels the switching of GSM calls between external networks and the BSCs in the radio subsystem. This system is responsible for managing and providing external access to the several customer database. NSS is one of the most