Career in tea management

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Tea is the most important beverage crop. Tea management refers to the sowing, planting, growing, rearing and storage of the tea produced. Tea management has become a profession of many now days. It’s not like only uneducated people indulge into this profession, but today many literates are coming forward to adopt this as a profession. It is not a less reputed profession. We people didn’t know the actual procedure that is behind the making of tea that we drink so often.

Tea is the widely drunk beverage by all the age groups in the north as well as the western parts. People drink tea to lessen their stress levels. Tea actually is grown in the form of leaves. It is the most important task in tea plantation that the leaves should be plucked properly. Then the leaves are dried, folded and packed. When the tea is packed it is also sent for the purpose of auction. Many tea tasters come and they tell the best quality of tea. In India the leading brand in tea supply is TATA. It is the world’s second largest producer of tea. They supply tea named as TATA TEA and TETLEY which is owned by TATA.

Tea management also requires a great knowledge about this profession. Tea leaves are plucked after a definite period. Tea leaves after plucked is dried and folded. The tea that we drink mostly does not contain tea leaves but only the residue that is left behind.

TEA MANAGEMENT includes firstly the growing of tea seeds at the right time. Tea is grown in winters. After sowing the tea seeds it needs to be given proper atmospheric conditions needed for its growth. After that is leaves are plucked after a definite interval of time. Then the leaves are dried and folded. All this procedure comes under the tea management.

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  1. Ankita Prajapati says:

    If you think or want to making a career in tea management then this article definitely will give you fruitful knowledge and information about it..

  2. Pallavi sinha says:

    Tea is the most popular and mind refreshing beverage in India. If you see your future in Tea Management chk the above article.

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