The budget Constraint – Social or Defense?

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Defense and social budget are the two different considerations which are taken into account if we want to expand by following the budget mechanism in accordance with the economy of the country..

Defense forces comprises of all three forces Army,Navy, & Air force. India spends 0.33% of its GDP on defense per year. Proper  social development is possible only when defense protection system is strong enough. since if we want over all development then external sheath should be very much strong that wouldn’t allow any other nation to shake our internal strength.

Defense management would bring out the result from the social development.that means social development is not possible if defense mechanism is not strong. so priority of investing money is given to defense.

Now a days where the growing business exchanges and military tie ups  occurs between different nations there is a need of such type of defense mechanism which permits the business through the armistice because contradiction  can occur between the nations which might ends with the war. so  There should be balance between the  defense expenditure and social expenditure.

Increasing social expenditure does not give the assurance of bringing success to the country but by managing defense  mechanism and investing proper amount with in it we can absolutely help India to keep all those threat which might claim the life of any at any instant.

Security is the basic needs of every nation which gives assurance of harmonious and peaceful life to the people within the nation.

Today we are in a need to come out from lot of social issues like poverty, population, education system etc.In India, literacy rate is still 70%. More than  1/3 of population in west Bengal are below poverty for improving these social issues there is a need to expend money over here too.

In conclusion It is not more about the expenditure investment rather its more about the management of How to invest and How much the amount to be invest in each area so that the balance between defense and social expenditure can be carry out.

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One Response to The budget Constraint – Social or Defense?

  1. akanksha chaturvedi says:

    yes prateeksha i agree that itz all about management and not about where and how much you should spend for society and/or for defense

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