The impact of MTV on our psyche

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MTV is targeted at the youth demographic. In today’s day and age, the youth is so used to sexually explicit content, be it on the internet, movies or on television; that what MTV shows is fairly mild in comparison.

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It derived the most public of pleasure from their tap dance on the Bill of Rights. From Madonna’s veiled threats against Catholicism to the glossy and tacit embrace of pedophilia through coquettish spokes victims Brittney and Christina,licentious executives and producers give credence to the disease of sexual addiction. To bolster their untenable position on physical impropriety, these same amoral “suits” shroud this counter-culture in the guise of “MTV News” with vacuous rip-and-readers like Tabitha Soren and Kurt Loder. Soulless pawns whose opinions are formed from corporate play books, these dutiful minions subvert decency with ham-fisted reports telling how the founding fathers’ lack of foresight should be challenged at every turn.

launched on august 1,1981. At one time MTV had a profound impact on music industry and popular culture. And now it has a huge impact on young generation. Now MTV has lot of shows which are truly based on western culture and has nothing new to understand. Shows like roadies, splits villa and so on are shows that are adventurous and just goes on with internal politics. I don’t think there is something new to learn in it. It can be seen just for a change or for entertainment.

Our culture is declining as all of them are turning towards western culture. Some may say that We are just turning expressive by going to parties and dancing clubs and wearing fancy and expensive dresses but from heart we all are Indians. But do you think that is true in a real sense…? Because if we see the true India we will definitely say ya we are changing. You tell me where there were parties, Was there child extortion, was there so much growth in rape cases, or domestic violence and so on. Its seen that women are much progressive than men but in the real sense how many men are accepting this fact.. The true Indians used to respect women and now there are many cases lying showing sexual harassment at companies, at home and at many places. Now tell aren’t we changing due to the western culture.

Girls used to wear Punjabi dresses and now many girls don’t have Punjabi dress as an option. Even in ‘pujabis’ girls wear modern wear. The women used to wear Saree daily but now we can see few who wear Saree daily. Even women are changing their lifestyle. I say ok Indians are exposing globally but exposing your body is it comes in a part to expose globally. Tell me is money given more importance than relations. Even blood relations are nothing in front of money. Take an example a brother kills his own brother as he wants all of his property in his name.

wearing western dresses is not a problem but projecting it in a wrong way is unsupportable and beyond our ethics we are Indians we portrait ourselves by our well mannerism behavior towards everything.


All these instances somewhat enough to show that there is impact of western culture on our minds and if talking about MTV yes it has also played a suspicious role in affecting our psyche.

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15 Responses to The impact of MTV on our psyche

  1. Ritika says:

    MTV does drill our personality & mentality to an extent, but it resides in our hands , whether to get influenced or not.

  2. Ritika says:

    well, to some extent MTV does drill our personality & mentality. But it resides in our hands whether to get influenced, or not!

  3. sakshi chaudhary says:

    i don’t think so that their is any impact of MTV on our psyche…..MTV is one of the most popular youth channel…it mainly telecast reality shows likes “Rodies” with is only for the entertainment purpose …most of the channels shows dramatics serials which i think is the waste of time…so i m in the favor of it….

  4. ayushi says:

    “Watching MTV changes the attitudes and perceptions of young viewers” . being a youth channel it impacts them in a good way… but things like drugs taking ,use of abusive languages and such kind of act is not a good signs to society.. youth is that part of society which is influenced by western living The Most.. and so without thinking of anything they adapt that onscreen lifestyle…
    so mtv should take care that no such things should b telecast which take the young generation in a wrong way…

  5. Saurabh Singh says:

    Yes Of course MTV is totally focused on Youth…It is good to a certain level and requires some check points on the show by them

  6. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Of course, India isn’t the country that we are being shown right now.. this has become a one of a kind that is laid down over so fickle foundation that the culture gets influenced every now and then. And moreover the ignorant characteristics of the Indian citizens adds up more to deteriorating of the original culture.
    they blindly eat what is served. without having a least concern that what impact will it bounce back on their personal, social, physical and mental health!

  7. BHARTI PANDEY says:

    Ya ofcose M.T.V is one of the one of the favourite YOUTH Channels but i think it is totally SENSATIONALIZING foul languages and a totally different personality of Women ……Really there should be a proper Check imposed on them!!!!Personally I think so…

  8. Pragya Saxena says:

    MTV is amongt the favourite youth channels in india…it reflects the youth..its shows are daring ,leadership promoting and adventurous bt some shows like roadies,splitsvilla etc. reflects the wrong information on air nationaly like use of foul language,sexual explicit content and wrong interpreted content which have adversly affects the youth..

  9. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Shows like roadies, splits villa and so on are shows that are adventurous and just goes on with internal politics. It can be seen just for a change or for entertainment..because MTV is the youth channel but some extra exposes should be prohibited…

  10. poorva gupta says:

    MTV is the youth channel ofcourse…their are shows which almost every youth enjoy but some shows should be prohibited so that the channel could be seen even withh family..!!

  11. lubna khan says:

    MTV is only showing the reality actually sexual harassment at companies, at home and at many places. This is the real we can take benefit by this in our life because we already know about it.

  12. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    MTV according to youth is the biggest entertainer although there are certain shows which have exaggerated the real situations,so that should be prohibited.

  13. sakshi sharma says:

    According to me MTV telecasts certain episodes that shows violence, sexual content, foul language on such a level that creates a very bad imprints on the mind of the children watching them. So there should be strict rules and restrictions on the matter that any channel can show.

  14. Akanksha Kalla says:

    I don’t think that there is any bad impact of mtv on our psyche.. And the thing that girls have started wearing short skirts and all, is ridiculous. Its not because of this mtv. Obviously its their life and they can wear anything they. Don’t know why boys wearing short clothes are not bad, if it is considered bad for girls.

  15. Akash Gupta says:

    MTV is been the reasons of great searials like splitts villa, roadies which gaved the new era to television. The tasks are provided in these shows which enhances the leading qualities in particpants and the persons looking to it, so in my opinion i have no problem wid these shows on MTV and MTV channel is being the great entertainer!!!

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