There is no right way for doing Wrong thing

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Doing wrong things in right way

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right way never lead to wrong things usually, but due to situations or persons it may happen. Wrong things are either ethically or legally wrong. And  the activities that  led to do wrong things are also wrong. Suppose if a criminal escapes from the prison and he hurts a person with a weapon then the first thing that will come to that  persons  mind is to beat/kill  him , which is right according to the person but it is legally wrong.

The most  important  thing is to decide whether the action is right or wrong .An action is seem  to be right in a situation but  it may be wrong in another situation .If  a man rob any food item , its acceptable since he feels hungry but if a man steels others property for leading luxurious  life  it is not acceptable. So it is important to analyze the situation. A  person  who do wrong things will be punished by the society. But in some case a person  may  do  good  to others but in a wrong way. It may be acceptable  to extend  but this is not  right in all cases .If we do so then it will be an encouraging factor for others to do wrong things.

If  a man can do wrong thing then why do we need prophets to tell how we ought to live. Many experts have different opinion over this. Also the right and wrong depends on how one perceive it. But the thing is that there is no right way to do wrong thing but if there is a wrong way to do right thing then in  particular circumstances it is acceptable.

Right is right even if no one is doing it ; but wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.So “THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO DO WRONG THING” .


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17 Responses to There is no right way for doing Wrong thing

  1. Afiya says:

    There is no right away to do wrong thing

  2. Gourav Kumar says:

    The article is mainly about the excuses we hear from people who lies or do wrong things but they justify their doing by saying that it was the circumstances which forced them to do their part. But ultimately in my opinion there is no standard to judge a person by the circumstances, it is either wrong people or good people, there is no right way for doing wrong thing.

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