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IAS Preparation Tips, Strategies, Doubts

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Can I prepare For IAS in 1 year?

Of course, but its more depend on your Efficiency. Like how much time you can dedicate for studying. If you can study 8-9 hours a day then definitely You can clear IAS Exam in this Time.


What’s the proper way to prepare for IAS Exam?

  1. be aware of what is being asked.
  2. go through the complete syllabus Decide what’s to study and what not to study.
  3. Don’t hesitate to take help from Coaching institutes.

  4. Look what UPSC tests by going through Previous year papers.

  5. Start looking into your interest area then See whats the Right optional subject for you. Because optional can make you or Break you.

  6. last but not the least PLAN. planning is very important. Most UPSC aspirants put hard efforts, study for long hours but they couldn’t grab the Seat Because they didn’t follow the right path.


Can you suggest a Strategy to Crack IAS prelims in 2 months?

The strategy to Clear IAS exam is Work Hard.  There is as such no shortcut. You even know how many Round UPSC include making the filtration process. By hacks and Jacks, you may clear 1 or 2 paper but not all. So the strategy to crack IAS exam is work dedicatedly harder in the Right Direction to crack it.

What’s the qualification to become an IAS officer?

Aspirants should be graduate. If you are in your Final year then also you are eligible for Filling UPSC form


Whats the Salary of IAS officer?

Entry level Basic pay:- Rs 56100
Allowance:- DA, HRA, TA

I am in College, how can I start preparing For IAS Exam any Tips?

  1. Be the early riser. As you have ample time just use it wisely. Don’t wait till the end to start preparing. If you get successful in using your Time wisely You will make through the UPSC CSE exam even in the First Attempt.

Connect here with UPSC Toppers


  1. Learn how to manage your Time
    See you are College going students, you already have the burden of your exam, daily chaos. Along with that, you have to study for IAS exam so learning time management can give you ladoos in both hands. Trust me.

  2. Join Coaching Institute

why I am saying this, because after joining you will get an overview of what to prepare and what to leave. See, you just have started preparing for IAS.

Do you know that, if Room AC vent turned around, i mean if its cooling flow outside rather than inside, its no use for me. Nevertheless, i am paying Full AC bill. Thats what happen during any Exam Preparation.


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Sometimes we keep on studying and wouldn’t be able to Clear Exam Because we don’t study in he Right Direction

  1. Use Your Free Time.

what? what do you mean by Free Time?Basically, I am saying suppose you are having your lunch. Just plug in the ear phones and listen the recorded audio notes. Use Free Resources and pdf Notes from

PDF IAS are the Quick capsule trust me. Rather its a Juice. some people eat fruits and some have juice. As roman saini sai, Being Tech savy always Help you score good marks in UPSC Examination


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5. Develop the Habit of writing

I just Can’t emphasize it any more. How important is to Learn Writing in UPSC CSE Mains. See if you are in College, i am sure you must be having habit of Writing.

Because of that what you use in your descriptive Semester Exams. you will thank me later for this Piece Of Advise

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Thats all about tips and tricks to crack IAS Exam. Do share your Strategies to Crack the IAS Exam.

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