Tips to Crack VITEEE for Engineering

Tips to Crack VITEEE for Engineering Entrance Exam

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How to prepare for VITEEE

If you want to be the part of one of the most prestigious institutes of country i.e; VIT then you need to crack VITEEE entrance exam. This is a National level exam like BITSATJEE Advanced, and JEE Mains etc… students have to face tough competition here in order to get a seat safe for them. At the time of examination generally students get confused about What to study…? and How to study…? etc… Thus to solve their problem we have discussed some Tips to Crack VITEEE for Engineering Entrance Exam to help applicants in this manner.

VITEEE Preparations Tips

After clearing this exam one can get admission in the course he/she wants on the basis of scores of the examination and the ranking in VITEEE. You may like to visit Top Engineering Colleges under VITEEE with Closing Rank

Few Tips to Crack VITEEE

1. VITEEE checks and select students on the basis of concept, speed, accuracy, time management and decision making power. So very first thing is to make a plan What to Do and Don’ts.

2. Make a proper timetable to check your level of preparation as per prescribed syllabus. You can check topic covered under VITEEE Syllabus from Syllabus for VITEEE for Engineering and Eligibility Criteria

3. Follow the given order to attempt paper. (It’s Just a suggestion)-

  • First: Chemistry
  • Second: Physics
  • Third: Maths

4. VITEEE paper has no negative marking thus try to attempt as many as question but keeping the factor of time management in mind.

5. Sample papers are the best source to judge the level of preparation you have done. So, try to take help from previous year papers and sample papers for better preparations.

6. Last and the most important thing is you need to get updated with the news regarding the entrance exam.

Now let’s discuss the topic that required more concentration as compared to other topics.

Topics in Physics

Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Effects of Electric Current, Electromagnetic Induction and semiconductor devices. You need to focus more on these topics as most of the question will from these topics.

Topics in Chemistry

Atomic Structure, Electrochemistry, Biomolecules, Organic Nitrogen Compounds, Alcohols and Ethers. NCERT is the best source for In organic preparation thus you can refer this.

Topics under Maths

Vector Algebra, Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions, Integral Calculus and its Applications are the tough topic thus give proper emphasis on them.

I hope these Tips to Crack VITEEE will help you to reduce worries up to some extent. Best of Luck for your exam..!!!


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71 Responses to Tips to Crack VITEEE for Engineering Entrance Exam

  1. Rimjhim Dubey says:

    I don’t think i will be able to crack jee . do i have another ooptions?

  2. Vignesh Prasanth K says:

    hi ,i am state board student .i am willing to join in vit , give me tips to crack in viteee engineering exam

  3. abhinav says:

    I got 165 marks out of 315 in srmjee . will i get addmission in it ??

  4. siva says:

    i am studying 12th in TN state board syllabus, i have applied fr JEE EXAM. i have`nt started preparing so how should i prepare in the last 10 says before exam and what books should i learn?

  5. VISHAL JHA says:

    where to take admission??? is vit is good or mit or bits

  6. Harshit Dixit says:

    i wanna crack viteee which books should i study and which material should i use

  7. abhinav anand says:

    how to prepare for vitee and what is its closing rank.

  8. alok Maheshwari says:

    how to preapare for vit exam and does it also take jee mains score

  9. deepak kumar.j says:

    I finished my 12th standard with 84% i wanted to prepare for viteee 2016…but without coaching plz help me…tell me the study materials..

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