Tips and Tricks to crack AIIMS entrance exam

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There is lot of fear regarding the AIIMS entrance exam. People, especially students say that this is the toughest entrance exam after IAS. This is so because there are only 50 seats and from it only 34 are available for general category students and 16 are available for reserved category students and lakhs of aspirants from all over India apply and appear for this exam.

So, regarding the number of applicants, it is a matter of tension, but regarding the syllabus, it is not so much tough. The syllabus is mostly drawn from the Class XI and Class XII syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board. And moreover every student has the same tension as you are having and they are also in same state as you are. Also the questions of the entrance will be fully based on the syllabus you studied as said earlier. Thus your score fully depends on your preparation of the subjects. If you have learnt your subjects thoroughly and with full concentration while you were in your school, then nobody can stop you from being qualified. You just need to revise them once thoroughly. And if you bag the rank within 1000, you will definitely be eligible to pursue your higher studies in one of the AIIMS.

AIIMSHere I am providing some tricks to crack AIIMS entrance exam. Go through it thoroughly. I am sure you will definitely get some help from it.

We have also provided the tips and tricks for the entrance exams like:-

Some tips and tricks to crack AIIMS entrance exam:

  1. First of all refer to the syllabus of AIIMS entrance exam.
  2. Study according to the syllabus. No need to waste time on the subjects or topics which are not in the syllabus.
  3. As the syllabus mostly is drawn from that of Class XI and Class XII of CBSE board, you may not face much problem in completing your syllabus.
  4. Refer to some previous year question papers of AIIMS, at-least 10 and note down which topics and subjects are important and which are not. And focus more on the important subjects and topics only. Even you can neglect the unimportant subjects and topics.
  5. All the questions asked here are multiple choice questions, that means the questions will be fully conceptual and to the point. For that you just need to have the clear concepts on your subjects.
  6. Do not try to attempt all the questions, it is not necessary. Attempt only those about which you are very much sure as there is negative marking. This point was very necessary to mention because many students have this notion that attempting more and more questions even if not sure may lead to some of them getting correct and there would be increase in the score. If you are thinking so, then change it now because as mentioned earlier in this point that there is negative marking, so some may get correct, but there is no surety of it. Instead it all may get wrong and your score would go down. Even if some by chance gets correct, the wrong ones will decrease your score. So it is not at all beneficial to attempt all the questions.
  7. The only section generally the students get stucked in is the Assertion and Reasoning section. There are only two reasons for each assertion and students get confused there. So practice as many questions of assertion and reasoning as you can.
  8. Practice as many practice papers or previous year papers as you can and that too within the exam time of AIIMS. Like this you would be increasing your speed of solving the questions and with more accuracy.
  9. The most important thing is to stay cool, especially in the examination hall because tension can uproot your desire fully. If possible go to bed early the night before the exam.

So these were some tricks to crack AIIMS entrance exam which might help you. Follow these and I am sure you would be definitely able to crack the exam.


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  1. Bhushan Chavan says:

    Wonderful article !! thanks a lot for your tips and tricks to crack AIIMS and i am sure this article is going to be a very big help for those students who are preparing for this exam. and on similar note i have came across this article which provides an important information on How to Crack AIIMS, i hope you will like it too.

  2. Ganesh anil gite says:

    How to prepare physics 11 th n 12 th syllabus

  3. Ganesh anil gite says:
  4. Aditya Singhal says:

    AIIMS is one of the most prestigious exams that have a lot of value while applying for any medical course. So it becomes important to score well in such an exam. This is possible only if the candidate can effectively utilize his/her time and solve maximum questions correctly. It only comes through practice and carefully chalked out strategy, both of which are taught to students at various prominent coaching centers like Aakash, Resonance. And now even the online coaching websites like vagupu, emedicalprep have started to interact with students regarding this.

  5. Dr. PAWAN KUMAR says:

    how to prepare for aiims exam(books,strategy,test series…)

  6. pallavi tayade says:

    how to crack aiime 2017 & what will be cutoff for sc category in aiims 2017

  7. debi kar says:

    do we get enough rough sheets in aiims entrance exam

  8. Parikshith says:

    i want to get into AIIMS delhi and now i am going to 12 std. Please tell me how to prepare…i am readdy to study very had

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