Tricks to Crack NIFT

Tips and Tricks to Crack NIFT Entrance Exam

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Tricks to Crack NIFT Entrance exam is a context of fear for almost each and every student. A stream of fear and tension runs through their spinal cord as soon as the discussion about the entrance exam is raised or the entrance exam knocks the door. And if the question is about the NIFT entrance exam, then more fear is seen on their faces as the number of applicants is less, so very few experiences they get to know. But in reality there is nothing to take tension about. It is as common as the other exams. The syllabus is fully based on your concepts of drawing and fashion.

Tips and Tricks to Crack NIFT Entrance ExamHere I have provided some tips and tricks to crack the NIFT entrance exam. Go through them thoroughly and try to follow them. I am sure you will definitely get help from it.


Some tips and tricks to crack NIFT Entrance Exam :

  1. Your first and foremost job is to refer the syllabus of the NIFT entrance exam and study according to it. No need to waste time on the topics which are not a part of the syllabus.
  2. Keep nourishing your skills of sketching by practicing to sketch anything you like as much as you can.
  3. Keep enhancing your ideas from different newspapers, magazines, advertisements, posters, etc.
  4. Try to make less use of eraser while sketching. This will make your lines more bold and confident.
  5. Emphasize on the detailing part like on the human figure, human outfits, etc.
  6. Try to learn the different styles of lettering and practice them so that they become handy.
  7. Refer some of the previous year question papers of the NIFT entrance test, at-least of previous 10 years and practice them as much as you can but within stipulated time.
  8. There would be two tests, one is General Ability Test and the other is Creative Ability Test. Please after attending the first one do not keep it in mind otherwise your second paper would not go well. Keep your mind clear.
  9. Try to use quality colour pencils and that must contain atleast 24 shades.
  10. Plan your paper. Attempt the simple ones like logo designing, T-Shirt designing, etc. first and then go for the complicated ones like the scene drawing, etc.
  11. Also don’t forget to plan your time to complete the paper and try to answer the whole paper.

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So these were some tricks to crack NIFT entrance exam which might help you. Follow these and I am sure you would be definitely able to crack the exam.


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29 Responses to Tips and Tricks to Crack NIFT Entrance Exam

  1. kumari ruchi says:

    how to get assured about cracking nift or nid… at home (without any coaching)

  2. Shivani Baggaa says:

    hi.m shivani bagga m 18 years young and ive just completed my school . i am really intrested in fashion designing and nift is one of the best college for fashion studies so my question is what should be the eligibility to be a part of nift ,….and i have some of my own designs too..and ive never taken some classes for fashion designing the design which ive prepared so far are of my own .so pls help me out that how can i be a part of NIFT.

  3. Priya Tirpathi says:

    I really appreciate the knowledge you have shared with us .The things you have mentioned are necessary to prepare for this exam. I would also suggest you to go through the previous year question papers and check with afdindia as they are a premier coaching institute helping students to prepare for the exam.

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