Top 10 distance education B.Ed. colleges in India

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Pursuing education is one of the privileges that one is bestowed with. If you get an opportunity to teach people, there is hardly anything that is nobler than that. Pursuing B.Ed. is one of the stepping stones to becoming a professional teacher in the country. However, there are times when you have constraints such as family, geography, so on and so forth. That is when distance education swoons in like a blessing to help you out in the time of need. Not only it is recognised across the country by multiple institutions but also helps you manage a great life keeping it balanced.

Do you know which are the top 10 colleges in the country that offer B.Ed as a distance course? Let’s find out.


K J Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education Training and Research

K J Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education Training and Research: Located in Mumbai, it has gained popularity for rolling out premium quality MBA graduates. However, not many are aware that the college offers a distance learning course when it comes to pursuing Bachelor of Education as well.

Bombay Teacher’s Training College

Bombay Teacher’s Training College: another popular college in Mumbai, it has been rated as one of the oldest and best institutions when it comes to pursuing B.Ed. as a distance learning course.

Andhra University

Andhra University: Located in Vishakhapatnam, the college is known for its plethora of courses that are offered throughout the year. With fresh graduates moving out as reputed alumni, the university also offers a distance B.Ed. course.

Lady Irwin College

Lady Irwin College: It is located in Delhi and is ranked as one of the top colleges in the country. Lady Irwin is synonymous with quality and grace. So, it hardly comes as a surprise when candidates choose this as a distance program institution, especially for B.Ed.

SNDT Women’s university

SNDT Women’s university: As a college which is known for the 2-year graduation distance program for B.Ed. it is a popular option among candidates who are located in Mumbai and beyond in different parts of the country.

St. Xavier’s College of Education

St. Xavier’s College of Education: A pioneer institute with a brand name backing it up, it is a popular choice among candidates. Additionally, it is located in the beautiful city of Patna which is accessible by all modes of transportation which make sit easier for you to attend exams as well.

University of Pune

University of Pune: Pune is the educational hub of the country. A distance education course in B.Ed. from the University can add to the laurels of your qualifications if you clear the 2-year program.


University of Mumbai

University of Mumbai: the university is probably one of the oldest institutions in the country. With an excellent faculty to communicate with, learning the nuances of teaching have never been better.

A.G Teacher’s college

A.G Teacher’s college: Located in Ahmedabad, the college is exclusively dedicated to producing quality teachers. If you cannot attend a full day time course, you can always choose the distance learning program which is more comfortable.

Bangalore University

Bangalore University: Bangalore might be a technology hub, but it has the highest number of educational institutions compared to other metros. A distance learning course from the university can add credibility to your profile.


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