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Assam is the home of various art forms. It is famous for its unique art and culture and also for its tea. Assam’s art and craft are very famous worldwide and are praised internationally. Even a lot of finely finished goods are exported to western nations due to their extensive demand in market there. Famous Chinese traveler Xuanzang itself mentioned the paintings of Assam.
This is a state where even God makes everything artistically.


Arts is a subject which signifies beauty, diligence and creativity. And these all are said to be a prerequisite in the study of this subject. The subject of arts cover each and every aspect of our life, from cooking to literature, from learning a different language to writing in a different calligraphy. But there is always a common thing associated with arts which is THE ART OF DOING.


I] Bachelor of Visual Arts  (by course work)

ii] Masters of Visual Arts (by course work & dissertation)

iii] PhD. (by research work)

iv] in Applied Arts, Painting and Sculpture.

Assamese youth magazine Jeevan has identified these colleges as Top Arts Colleges in Assam. Jeevan magazine has conducted a survey taking colleges which secured 75 per cent or above credit points in the NAAC assessment.


Assam UniversitySilchar
Dibrugarh UniversityDibrugarh
Gauhati UniversityKamrup
Sikkim Manipal University Dibrugarh
Sikkim Manipal University Guwahati
Tezpur UniversitySonitpur
Jorhat Kendriya MahavidyalayaJorhat
Dibrugarh City CollegeDibrugarh
Madhabdev CollegeLakhimpur
Digboi CollegeTinsukia

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14 Responses to Top Arts colleges in Assam

  1. mingki pangyok says:

    wish to admission in arts college in gwahati. aggregate 51% (geography 80 history 61

  2. Khyati Miglani says:

    The list of top ten art colleges of Assam given above is really very helpful for those students who are thinking of studying arts in one of these top arts colleges that we have in Assam.

  3. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    A list of the top art colleges in Assam are given in this article. Assam is as we know is famous for its beauty, culture & ethnicity. And arts is that dimension of education which personifies beauty, nurtures the age old customs and culture rightfully demarcating them as the heritage of a place & helps preserve the ethnicity that has been developed over the years. So, students pursuing a career in arts Assam is a very obvious & preferred choice for them. Hence every effort is made in this article enlisting the top colleges of Assam to provide such aspiring students with the information they need, in a nutshell.


    Assam’s culture is traditionally a hybrid one developed due to assimilation of ethno-cultural groups in the past. Therefore, both local elements or the local elements in Sanskritised forms are distinctly found. Assam has rich tradition of performing arts. Painting is an ancient tradition of Assam. There are several renowned contemporary artists in Assam. The Guwahati Art College is a government institution for tertiary education. Moreover, there are several art-societies and non-government initiatives across the state. I read this article and found that there are a number of good and developed ARTS COLLEGES in Assam. I would suggest interested candidates to read this article.

  5. aratrika sengupta says:

    Besides Technology, Assam has also enriched itself in Arts and Culture and has turned out to b a good option to purse career there. Here is the list which might help you to refer to the good colleges in Assam.

  6. Seema Mishra says:

    Assam’s arts and crafts are very famous worldwide and are praised internationally. Creative individuals who want to use their artistic talents to earn a living have many career options in the fields of media and art.There are many good Arts college in Assam.In order to help the willing students, to find information about top Arts colleges in Assam have listed them here in this article.

  7. preeti nisha says:

    Assam is a state with well recognized and best institutes in all prospects. In the list above you will find top ten arts college in Assam. These top colleges of arts in Assam can be one of your choice. Choose as per your requirements. Indeed a helpful post.

  8. SNEHA SINHA says:

    Assam has many top arts colleges which provides quality education.Arts is a subject which tests your creative excellence so if you want to build your creativity and want admission in any reputed arts college of Assam this post will surely be helpful to you

  9. Kriti Das says:

    Assam is a small state with very less population.But that doesn’t lower the zeal of the Assamese for quality education.This perhaps is the reason that why we have so many good arts college in Assam.This article has the link to all good arts college of Assam and these links have all the relevant information that one may require while seeking admission in one of these very good art colleges that we have in Assam.

  10. Atif Pall says:

    Arts college in Assam has a great demand as the standard of education is really high. Assam is known for its ravishing and alluring beauty and arts is a study which signifies beauty, diligence and creativity.
    A list of various recognized institutions offering Arts education in Assam is given above. Choose the one best suited to your job prospects.

  11. Amit Kumar says:

    The education system in Assam is the best among the other states of North-East Region. In terms of education, Assam has developed into a top educational destination at the state as well as at the national level. To enhance the status of Assam education, the state government has introduced many innovative education polices. It’s capital city; Guwahati is a key destination for higher education for students of the whole of north-eastern region.Initiatives taken by the Government during five year plans. Come, a brighter future is waiting for you there in Assam.

  12. Neha S says:

    Assam has always been rich in its art and cultural heritage since long.
    So why don’t you visit the beautiful state and get it painted on your canvas and show thye world your inside talent.
    And we are always there to help you As we have summerized the top arts colleges in Assam.

  13. Gourav Jain says:

    Enjoy the natural beauty of Assam and paint it on your canvas by enrolling yourself in the top arts colleges in Assam…

  14. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Art implies the tenderness of our mind and helps us get free from the drudgery of life.Today there are so many art colleges in india and the no. is colleges increasing quickly in Assam.Assam is the home of various art forms. It is as famous for its unique art and culture as for its tea. Assam’s arts and crafts are very famous worldwide and are praised internationally. Even a lot of art and craft finished goods are exported to USA, UK etc.

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