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Top Coaching Centres for JEE(Advance & Main) in Punjab

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Top Coaching Centres for JEE(Advance & Main) in Punjab

Throughout history, people working as engineer have contributed a lot to country, communities and colleges etc. by making machines, tools and making existing system work more efficiently. Engineers are the one who are responsible for new innovations and inventions. They are the one responsible for economic progress of the country. Engineers prove themselves in every field including medical, science and mining, from building roads to space travel. So diversity of an Engineer is unlimited. Engineering is an exciting carrier. Engineering is the most common carrier chosen by students now a day.

Education plays a vital role in the development of younger generation to lead a successful life in the world of global competition. There are so many options for a student to choose career as their own choice.There are so many well-known institutes in Punjab where students can enroll themselves for highly successful careers. For those who want to pursue career in engineering, first of all they have to go through various entrance exam like JEE MAIN and Advanced, AIEEE,WBJEE, Orissa JEE, VITEEE,BITSAT,Punjab CET etc.There are a number of coaching centers for engineering in Punjab to help students to improve their excellence. Many cities of Punjab are centers of education like Amritsar, Bathinda, Patiala etc.

Coaching institutions plays a vital role in the enhancing the potentials of students. Coaching institutions provides professional guidance and assistance to aspirants.It has highly experienced faculties. It provides study materials. Weekly assessments tests are conducted which help the students to judge their potentials. Separate doubt clearance classes are organized which help the students to clear their doubts regularly.
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These list of coaching institutions are made according to their performances which include following parameters:
(1)Experienced Faculties
(2)Study Materials
(4)Teaching Methodology

We have put our best effort to make this list of coaching institutions for engineering in Punjab.Please express your views. Feel free to express your Views. Any feedback from your side are always welcome.

Here is the list of coaching centers for engineering in various district of Punjab:

Aakash InstituteAmritsar, Bathinda, Ludhiyana, ChandigarhPunjab
GIIT JEEChandigarhPunjab
Ignited Mind TutorialsPatialaPunjab
His Excellent Coaching CentreHoshirapurPunjab
Vikram’s Cota Academy IITJEEBathindaPunajb

Rank 1.  FIIT JEE 

FIIT JEE was founded in 1992.It was established in Chandigarh in year 2005.It is one fiitjeeof the old institute of India.It is located in many cities across India.Over the years the popularity of the center has grown manifold. Aspirants of IIT-JEE come to this center across all over Punjab. FIIT JEE is the leading institute due to following reasons:Best Faculty,Pattern Proof Teaching Methodology,Comprehensive Study Materials,Enabling Infrastructure,Personalized Coaching.

Courses Offered:

  • Classroom courses and correspondence course for IIT-JEE
  • Classroom courses and correspondence course for AIEEE
  • Test Series

Performances: Majority of students secured their ranks in top 100.AIR-1 was also secured by its student in 2000.This didn’t stop here and history repeated in the year 2002,2007 and 2008 onwards..In 2012: 3542 selections in IIT-JEE and 45 selections in Top 100 in AIEEE. In 2011: 3043 selections in IIT-JEE and 3 in Top 5, 3 in Top 10 and 20 in Top 100 in AIEEE.In 2010:2887 selections in IIT-JEE and 4 in Top 10, 25 in Top 100 in AIEEE.

Center 1:
3rd Floor, SCO 31, District Shopping center, D block, Ranjit Venue, Amritsar, Punjab,Contact no:0183-320**44
Center 2: SCO-321-322, Sector 35-B,Chandigarh

Contact No: 0172-301**43
Email Id: chandigarh@fiitjee.com

Rank 2. Aakash IIT JEE

Aakash institute provides qualitative and innovative education to students.25 aksayears ago it was set up.It has 73 offices all across India.It provides good precised study materials.It has good airy classrooms.Faculties are experienced and most of them are Ex-IITians.

Courses Offered:

  • Two year first step course for IIT-JEE.(after 10th result is declared)
  • Two year first step course for IIT-JEE(before the declaration of 10th   result)
  • Crash course for AIEEE
  • Final Test series course for IIT-JEE

Performances: Faculties are outstanding. It provide excellent precised material. Student of Aakash institutes secured ranks in TOP 100 and TOP 1000 in past years.Year wise performance:In 2012: 1007 selections in IIT-JEE with 4 ranks in Top 10(2,3,6,7), 18080 selections in AIEEE with 3 ranks in top 10(2,3,10), 729 selections in Orissa JEE, 390 selections in WBJEE.In 2011: 800 selections in IIT-JEE, 2555 selections in AIEEE, 414 selections in Orissa JEE, 429 selections in WBJEE.In 2010:1070 selections in IIT-JEE, 3401 selections in AIEEE, 573 selections in WBJEE, 496 selections in Orissa JEE.

Center 1: 
SCO-11, 1st and 2nd floor, District Shopping complex,Ranjit Avenue, B -block,Amritsar, Punjab.
Contact No: 0183-50***29
Center 2: 100 ft road, Mohan complex, Opp. Easy Day,Bathinda, Punjab
Contact No: 0164-50***25

Email Id: iitjee@aesl.in
Center 3: BXX-1749, New Prem Nagar, Near Hathi complex,Joginder Pal Pandey Road, Civil line,Ludhiyana , Punjab
Contact No: 0161-65***42

Email Id: iitjee@aakaskinstitute.com
Center 4: SCO-367,368, Ground Floor, Sector 34-, Chandigarh
Contact No: 0172-43***00

Email Id: iitjee@aakaskinstitute.com
Email Id:  akashamritsar@akashinstitute.com
Website: http://akashiitjee.com

Rank 3. GIIT JEE

GIITJEE is located in Chandigarh. It is Institute of IIT-JEE(Main), IIT-JEE(advanced), giitjeeAIEEE and other entrance exam preparation.GIIT-JEE is featured by these factors which listed it in top institutes in Punjab:(a)Faculty strength,(b)One-to-one Doubt Clearing,(c) Regular Test,(d)Good Infrastructure,(e) Good precised study materials

Courses Offered:

  • Crash course for IIT-JEE.
  • Crash course for AIEEE
  • Test series for IIT-JEE
  • Test series for AIEEE
  • 2 months Summer Batch for IIT-JEE preparation.
  • 100 days regular course for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Performances: It proved itself by producing many top ranker in IIT-JEE, AIEEE and other entrance examination

Center 1: SCO-382, Sector 37 D, Above HDFC bank,Chandigarh, Punjab
Contact No: 0172-46***11
Center 2 : SCO 40-41, Leela Bhawan,Patiala, Punjab
Contact No: 0175-50***90
Website: http://gitjee.org

Rank 4. Lakshya

Lakshya is one of the leading institute in Punjab since last 6 years.It provide coaching for JEE(Advanced) and JEE(Main). It has best experienced faculties. It offers one and two year IIT-JEE and AIEEE, AIMS and PMT classes.It also provides i-classes which is mainly on a contract with a school to train its students.It also provide education to junior wings.

Courses Offered:lakshya

  • Aakar(8th,9th and 10th class)
  • Drishta(two year classes after 10th board)
  • Sankalp(one year class after 11th)
  • Manthan( One year class for one yeatr droup out)
  • Shikhar (AIEE, DCE< CET special)

Performances: It produces best 12th CBSE board results in past 6 years. It produces top rankers in JEE and AIEEE.In 10th board 2013 106 out of 168 secured 10 points.
: SCF 99-102. Chhoti Baradari,Patiala, Punjab
Contact No: 0175-50***29
Website: http://lakshyainstitute.com

Rank 5. i Quest

iQuest is an initiative by IITians and it provide quality education to students.It has good airy classrooms.It provide coaching for JEE(Advanced) and JEE(Main).iQuest was founded by IITB and IITK alumnus. It has experienced team of IITians and PhDs.billboard_iquest6

Courses Offered:

  • JEE (Advebced)
  • JEE (Main)
  • Foundation Courses

Performances:  Students of iQuest scored top ranks in class 10th and 12th in entire North Zone.In 2011 it has produced 17 selections in IIT and 147 selections in AIEEE.In 2010 it has prodeced 4 selections in IIT and 56 selections in AIEEE. In 2009 it has produced 6 selections in IIT and 20 selections in AIEEE.

Address: Executive Tower, Rajbaha Road, Patiala, Punjab

Contact No: 0175-501***13
Email Id: info@iquest.in

Rank 6. Ignited Mind Tutorials

Ignited Mind Tutorials Provide competition coaching to 10+1 and 10+2 students who are willing to clear admission test for IITJEE/AIEEE/AIPMT/AIIMs.Its main mission is success of student.It provide coaching for JEE(Advanced) and JEE(Main).

Courses Offered:ignited

  • Regular classroom course for IITJEE and AIEEE
  • Regular classroom courses for board exams
  • Test series

Address: SCO 132,2nd Floor, Chhoti aradari, Patiala, Punjab

Contact No: 0175-50***15

Performances: Many students of Ignited Mind Tutorials scored good marks in boards and also in various competitive exams like IITJEE and AIEEE.

Rank 7. His Excellent Coaching Center

It is located in the heart of Hoshirapur. It has best hisinfrastructure and well-furnished airy rooms. It has highly experienced faculties.Faculties are always available to help student in and out of classrooms.
Ashish Sareen in the director of His Excellent Coaching Centre.

Courses Offered: IITJEE, AIEEE, Boards
Performances: Many students of His Excellent Coaching Centre secured top ranks in IITJEE and AIEEE in past years.
Address: 815/11, Sutehri Road, Hoshirapur, Punjab

Contact No: 0188-22***37
Website: http://hisexcellent.com

Rank 8. Vikram’s Cota Academy IIT JEE

Vikram,s Cota Academy is the leading name among top coaching centres for engineering in Bathinda in Punjab.vikram
Courses Offrered:
Address: Near Ghore wala chowk,100ft road, Bathinda,Punjab
Email Id: vcacoaching@yahoo.in
Website: http://vcacoaching.com
Performance: It is the leading name amongst best engineering entrance coaching institute for IIT JEE and AIEEE coaching. It produced many Top rankers.

Although we have tried to bring Top Coaching Centres for JEE(Advance & Main) in Punjab through oureducation research and this research was conducted in July 2014 but by the time you decide to take admission in Top Coaching Centres for JEE(Advance & Main) in Punjab , teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number ( your number is safe with us) at our email id mail@oureducation.in..

You can also ask in comment section at bottom of page.

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