Top Coaching for Civil Services in Chandigarh

Top Coaching for Civil Services in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh is among the modern cities of India. It is very well known for its architectures and sculpture. It is well planned and the cleanest city in India.

Appearing for civil services exams is always be a challenging task, you have to cross so many hurdles to taste the success. But while preparing for the exam you always have a doubt in your mind that whether you should opt for a coaching or you should go it for own. It is recommended to opt for coaching because a trained bull is always better than an ordinary bull. The different coaching centers will always keep you up to date with the latest patterns and gives the opportunity to you to evaluate yourself. Many tests, exams, GD and PI are always conducted at the centres in regular interval. Mostly the Institute recruits the senior IAS personnel’s, will give you the idea to crack the exam as they already did in their past. But before choosing a coaching center please go through these points:

  1. Go through the Review about the Coaching Institute
  2. Ask the Students, about the institute
  3. Past Performances and Results

We have made your job easier by listing the entire institute in this article, according to their performances and facilities. If still it requires any improvement, please do let us know by your valuable comments. Your feedback will be appreciated.

             Top Coaching for Civil Services in Chandigarh

Rank 1. Ablaze Institute

The Ablaze IAS institute is very popular for civil services classes. Even it’s most reputed institute for UPSC examination in Chandigarh. The faculty is highly qualified, And they vivify the candidates to clear IAS exam with tranquility. They first analyze the capability of students and then help them with their blend of strategies. They mollycoddle each and every student. The learning process is very easy and peerless. They provide one of the best coachings for these courses PCS, HCS & HAS Examination. In this institute,  students guide by well-trained teachers. Their techniques are optimum. And the main thing is which is about the fee structure and its nominal in nature, so just throw your trouble or torment related to this in the bin, they know how to guide you so that you can keep going without any interruption. Ablaze Institute is on number 1 position in the list of top 10 best institutes of civil services in Chandigarh.

Ablaze Institute
Address SCO-177, 2nd Floor, SEC-37-C CHANDIGARH Sector-37C, Chandigarh
Contact No. 9779190222
Fee structure GS 10 Months Full Course Rs.80,000, Optional-History, Political, Geography, Sociology, Public Administrative Rs.35,000 3 Months
Batch Size 30
Notes Library facility, handouts notes in every lecture.
Teachers Name Mr. Amandeep Singh- Sociology, Indian History, Currents, Social Issues., Mr. Sumeet Dhiman-Indian Polity, International Relations, Indian Economy, Ethics & Governance, Current Affairs and Political Science, Mr. Chauhan-Science, Science & Technology, Environment
Past Result Raj Kumar-HAS Rank 2, Chandan Kohli Rank 1 IPS (2013)

If you call this coaching, tell them you got this number from oureducation because coaching center don’t entertain non serious students and spam callers.

Rank 2. Abhimanu’s IAS Study Circle

Abhimanu IAS study group well known for Civil Services coaching & its located in Chandigarh. They give you a perfect blend of strategies. The study materials are up to date; the faculty is well trained at their work. Even batch size also splits under the convenience of teachers and students as well. You will get free DEMO class for your satisfaction. Even teachers first listen to all of your problems and after that figure it out step by step so that you don’t have to face any problem or difficulties. They know what role serenity plays during the examination. So for this purpose, they guide you in the right directions. The Fee structure is affordable in nature. They have the ability to find too facile a solution for so complex a problem. Abhimanu’s IAS Study Circle is on number 2 in the ranking of best Civil Services coaching centers in Chandigarh.

Abhimanu IAS Study Group
Address Dainik Bhaskar Building, IInd Floor ,Sector -25 D, Chandigarh
Contact No. 095011 14020 , 9814824466
Fee structure GS pre cum mains 1yr Rs.1,24,500
Batch Size 70-80
Teachers Name Mr. Parveen Bansal- Sociology, Geography, Indian Economy, International Relations, Social and Legal Issues, Mr. R P Singh -Geography, Current Affairs., International relations
Past Result Shashank Gupta -rank 2 HAS(2018), Somil Gautam -rank 3 HAS(2018),Atul Parkash-rank 4 IAS(2018)

Rank 3. Anil Narula’s IAS Study Center

Anil Narulas IAS study Center is the reputed coaching institute in Chandigarh. Anil Narulas provide guidance to the students who are preparing for exams like IAS, HAS, PCS, HCS and also provide guidance for judicial services. They have well experienced Faculties who are teaching civil services and judicial services aspirants for more than 8 years. They provide guidance for all three levels i.e. Preliminary, Main and Interview. In their past result, more than 200 toppers have taken guidance under this coaching institute for civil services exam and now serving the nation. Anil Narula’s IAS Study Center is on 3rd rank in the list of top best civil services coaching centers in Chandigarh.

Anil Narula’s IAS Study Center
Address SCO 306, Level I and II, Sector 38-D, Chandigarh
Contact No. 8699031339, 8699331339, 9646024466
Fee structure Course Fee Rs.1,10,000 and 18% gst Total Amount is Rs.1,29,800 1 yr, Optional Fee- 35,000 4 Months
Batch Size 30
Study Material, Online Test Series
Teachers Name Anil Narula- Geography, History, Current Afair, National and International Affair, Mr. M. Puri- Public Administration, Indian Polity, Current Affair, Science & Technology, Mr. Ayush -Indian Economy
Past Result UTKARSH rank- 17 IAS(2017-2018),SHRUTI ARORA rank- 118 IAS(2017-18), AGAM SINGH BEDI rank-332

Rank 4. S.N.M IAS Study Group

They are the pioneer when its all about cracking the UPSC examination. The faculty is ideal and very well trained. They know how to handle everything. They provide a beautiful blend of strategies and study material for your exams. The infrastructure is a clear picture of any well-functioning institution. Batch size is also very convenient for the teacher to teach and for the students to learn. They are on top. This coaching institute is best for their  IAS, HCS, HAS, and PCS coaching classes. S.N.M IAS Study Group is on number 4th in the ranking list of best civil services coaching centers in Chandigarh.

S.N.M IAS Study Group
Address S.C.O. 377, Sector 37-D. Chandigarh
Contact No. 0172-4665252, 9814821057
Fee structure GS Fee Rs.90,000
9-10 Months, Optional Subject-Psychology,Public Administration, Sociology, History, Political Science, Fee-30,000
Batch Size 40-45
Notes Study Material
Teachers Name Shilpa Suri-Psychology, Nidhi Soni- (Pubic Administration) M.A (psychology),
Past Result ANU KUMARI Rank-2 (2017), ANKIT BANSAL Rank-130(2017), SANJALA SHARMA Rank-331 (2017)

Rank 5. Dronacharya IAS Academy

Dronacharya IAS Academy is one of the best Academy for IAS preparation. This Academy located in Chandigarh. The faculty is well trained and skilled in their teaching process. They help you, for the stiff competition. The Infrastructure is significantly Astonishing. Their teaching process divided into three parts:-

  1. Preliminary Exam (objective screening test.)
  2. Main Exam (descriptive written test.)
  3. And last one is, interview.

The study booklet is exhausting but impeccable and catchy. They play a pivotal role in every student’s life. Even for more specific details, go check the students’ review or their website. In the ranking list of top best Civil Service coaching centers, Dronacharya IAS Academy is on 5th position.

Address SCO 205-206, Top Floor, Sector 36-D
Chandigarh, 160036
Contact No. 8427009141, 8699010909
Fee structure GS Fee 85,000, CSAT Fee- 15,000, Optional Fee- 40,000 9 Months
Batch Size 40
Notes Study Material
Teachers Name Anurag Bachan (Chief Mentor, History & Culture, Pol. Science),Dr. K.S. Brar (Economy),Sanjeet Singh (Geography)
Past Result Surinder Rank-190 IAS, Gaush Alam Rank-206


IAS TODAY is all about IAS coaching center. This institute disseminates the information related to IAS examination. They even provide you the best coaching classes for your examinations. The faculty is very advanced and well qualified. The infrastructure is remarkably best. So just join them today and start your work for your bright future. With them, you can explore something new to enroll today. IAS TODAY  is on 6th rank in Chandigarh for Civil Services exams preparation.

IAS Today
Address 219 ,Ground Floor Sector-15A ,Near Punjab University Chandigarh
Contact No. 9888775173
Fee structure Full Course Fee 1,20,000 8-9 Months
Batch Size 20
Notes Study Material, Test Series
Teachers Name GS -Rahul Mittal
Past Result Nothing to be shared

Rank 7. Eklavya’s Jha IAS

Eklavya’s Jha IAS institute one of the best institute in Chandigarh for IAS coaching classes, During these days where preparation for any examination became a little hard task for everyone. This institute guides you on the right path with the excellent bunch of different strategies. Most of the time students just stuck with fragmentary details which in the end confuse them or let them hang on the loose thread of incorrect information. So this institute provides you everything, what every student wants. The faculty is highly certified and skilled in the teaching process. The infrastructure is good; The study materials are filled with well-researched techniques. for your any queries go check their site. Eklavya’s Jha IAS is on 7th rank in ranking list of best coaching centers of Civil Services in Chandigarh.

Eklavya’s Jha IAS
Address SCO 112-113, Second Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, 160047
Contact No. 9501990589
Fee structure GS 1 year Fee-90,000, Optional subject-Geography, Polity, Economic, Public Administration Fee-45,000
Batch Size 15-20
Notes Study material
Teachers Name Vijay Jha-Economics, Mohit Sharma- Public Administration
Past Result Nothing to be shared

Rank 8. Raj Malhotra IAS Coaching

Raj Malhotra’s IAS study group is best known for IAS classes. The institute is very amazing in their work and study materials are up to date & goal oriented. The faculty is qualified and advanced in teaching work and cooperative. They know how to handle mind-boggling questions with the right techniques. Even faculty is like always with you, If you have any doubts they will always around you to solve them for you. Each & every teacher in this institute is kind and skilled. And just because of that, success will be in your hand in the end. In the ranking list of best Civil Service coaching centers, Raj Malhotra IAS Coaching is on number 8th in Chandigarh.

Raj Malhotra IAS Coaching
Address First Floor, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25, Chandigarh
Contact No. 98147-11661, 7087000437
Fee structure nothing to be shared
Batch Size 35
Notes nothing to be shared
Teachers Name nothing to be shared
Past Result nothing to be shared

Rank 9. Chanakya  IAS Academy

Chanakya  IAS Academy is known for their excellent work. This academy established in 2012. They got the best faculty in their skill box. Most of the faculties are from Delhi. The study material is well advanced and catchy. They give you Test series for both Prelims and Main, current affairs classes are there, even they provide lectures by retired IAS/IFS/IPS and scholars on prominent current affairs. For your glorious victory, they got an excellent library for your convenience. Even they pay attention towards each and every student. For more, you can visit their site too. Chanakya  IAS Academy holds rank 9th in best Civil services coaching centers list in Chandigarh.

Chanakya IAS Academy
Address S.C.O 45- 48, Sector 8 C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh -160009
Contact No. 0172 464 0005
Fee structure GS Preliminary,Mains ,Essay and CSAT Total Fee -1,57,000, GS plus optional fee-1,35,000
Batch Size 52-55
Notes Study Material,Test Series Prelims and Mains
Teachers Name Nothing to be shared
Past Result Atul Prakash rank-4 (2017), Koya Sree Harsha rank-6 (2017), Ayush Sinha rank-7 (2017)

Rank 10. Simran IAS Academy

Simran IAS Academy was established in 2009. And the faculty is highly qualified as well as staff members. The infrastructure is also very good. For them, education is the topmost priority. They know what exactly a student wants and they cater them with the amazing plan for studies and new strategies for prelim exams. They got every best way to help you out in the baffle situations. They are very good with their teaching technique which is always new, up to date and fresh. So go and don’t stop yourself, beautiful future is waiting for you, you can check their site too if you still have some questions. Simran IAS Academy is on 10th position in the ranking list of top best Civil Service coaching centers in Chandigarh.

Simran IAS Academy
Address SCO 224 Sector – 36-D, Above Indian Coffee House Chandigarh – 160036
Contact No. 9988210461
Fee structure GS 1 year fee 1 Lac,Optional Subject- History, Sociology,Punjabi Literature,Public Administration, Geography Fee- 30,000
Batch Size 45-50
Notes Study Material,Test Series Offline and Online
Teachers Name Simran Singh -Geography Optional, Pamel Preet-Indian polity & IAS Current Affairs Specialist, Abhinav Bali & N. Tiwari (Indian Economy)
Past Result Teghbir Singh rank- 114, Mayur Suryavanshi rank- 373, Ravinder Singh rank-717

Although we have tried to bring top IAS coaching center in Chandigarh through oureducation research  by the time you decide to take admission in coaching centers for Civil Service  in Chandigarh with Fee structures, teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number ( your number is safe with us) at our email id You can also call 01204221413 for updated information.

Please Leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. To check performance report of coaching click here

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