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  • Top Physiotherapy colleges in India

    Dec 27, 12 • 5808 Views • Medical, Notes, Science, Top Colleges23 Comments

    Top Physiotherapy colleges in India :- Physiotherapy is the treatment of any disease through measures like exercises, heat, light, water, electrical currents etc. It offers various areas of services – Pain Management Physiotherapy in Sports injuries

  • Aquaculture

    Jul 16, 12 • 2332 Views • Science14 Comments

    Aquaculture is also known as Aqua farming, which is the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish aquatic plants and so on. It involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions and is differentiated with commercial

  • Anthropology

    Jul 16, 12 • 1636 Views • ScienceNo Comments

    Anthropology is the study of science which deals with the origin of human species and also includes the social, cultural, physical growth and behavior of mankind. Additionally, it also includes study of human behavior at different stages if life and focuses

  • M Tech colleges in Ghaziabad

    May 29, 12 • 4106 Views • Science13 Comments

    M Tech Colleges in Ghaziabad  The aim of the M.Tech programmed is to train the students in high level theoretical knowledge which enables them to tackle practical complex problems of design and development in the industrial field as well as pursue further

  • Colleges for MCA in Delhi

    May 28, 12 • 3021 Views • Science, Top Colleges3 Comments

    Colleges for MCA in Delhi Masters in Computer Application also known as MCA came into existence with growing need and demand of Information Technology and computer based system in day to day life. Information Technology is growing very rapidly. Increasing