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China has been making a large number of skilled engineers and technicians across a range of disciplines, these professionals have played a big role in the development of the national economy. It is a country that is the factory to the world nowadays.  China is fast becoming the most favored destination in Asia. The scale of foreign student come to China is on the stairs of development on a constant scale.

Statistics reveal, the increasing degree of the quantity of foreign student come to China has been keeping above 20% all the time since 2000.  Education sector of China has been opened up to the world today. Chinese Universities are world class engineering universities which are equal to that of USA and UK.


 Fee structure followed at Universities:-

Application Fee

  1. Degree programs taught in Chinese: 320 RMB
  2. Degree programs taught in English: 400 RMB
  3. Non-degree programs: 250 RMB

NOTE: The exchange students of the sister universities needn’t pay the registration fee.

Tuition Fee (unit: Yuan RMB)

Students Categories

Tuition fee
(RMB per year)

Bachelor StudentsTaught in ChineseArt


Science & Engineering


Taught in EnglishScience & Engineering


Master StudentsTaught in ChineseArt


Science & Engineering


Taught in EnglishScience & Engineering


PhD StudentsTaught in ChineseScience & Engineering


Taught in EnglishScience & Engineering


Chinese Language ProgramLong-termSemester




Short-term3 weeks


4 weeks


More weeks

Adding one week, plus 450yuan RMB


 Chinese Yuan Renminbi                         US Dollar                Indian currency
1 CNY = 0.155193 USD                 1 USD = 6.45 CNY                1 CNY=Rs 9.73


 Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

1. Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics: – It is  situated  in Beijing,  capital of China. Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (BUAA) was established as China’s first university of Aeronautical Engineering.  This was founded in the year 1952 and the university is recognized as one of the best engineering universities in China.  It stands on 25th position among all top universities in China.

XueYuan Road No.37,
HaiDian District,

Phone: 86 10 8231 7114



2.  Dalian Maritime University (DMU): Dalian Maritime University (DMU) is one of the largest and best maritime universities. DMU carries a high reputation internationally  known for  excellent center of maritime education and training as recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Address: 1 Linghai Road, Liaoning Province, Dalian 116026 China,

Phone no:- +86(0)411 84727874


3 .East china normal University:-  This University being situated in  Shanghai is a leading normal university  which was established in the year 1951. The university is modeled on the previous Great China and Kwang Hua Universities, and has been incorporated with parts of  the Fudan University and Tongji University. The university has 70 undergraduate programs, 38 master’s   imagesprograms and 26 streams of doctoral programs in its schools.

Contact for more on:  The Office of International Student Affairs
International Exchange Division
East China Normal University
Shanghai 200062
Phone: 86-21-62232013
Fax: 86-21-62570590


4. Tongji University: – This is also known as Tongji German Medical School, is one of the oldest imagesand most prestigious institutions of higher education in China. The university was also one of the first to include engineering into its programs. It became a national university in the year 1927. It has almost 74 undergraduate programs and 263 masters’ programs and 144 doctoral programs in its 29 academic schools.

Contact at: – 1239 Siping Road, P.R.China,

Fax: 0086-21-65988568;Shanghai


5.  Tianjin University: – This was  founded in year 1895 under the name Peiyang University. It’s directly administered by the Ministry of Education. The university is one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering universities in China. It’s now a comprehensive university integrating engineering with all other subjects like science, arts, law, economics, management and education. In last few decades it has  graduated more than 200,000 students. Presently, the university has more than 100 laboratories, research institutes and engineering development centers at various levels.

  Programs best offered:-                             images

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical engineering

For more details contact: – 92 Weijin Road, Nankai  District, Tianjin, P.R.China;


6. Southeast university:-Southeast University (SEU) is  known as  national university that falls directly on administration of the Ministry of Education of China. It is a research-oriented multidisciplinary university with focus on construction, civil engineering, transportation, communications, electronics. It also ranks in 8th position among all the Research Institutes.images

Contact at:- Sipailou 2,Nanjing,China,210096



  1. Central South University (CSU): This  is a research-oriented comprehensive university located in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province. Presently it is  having  854 international students in number. Its notable alumni includes Liang Wengen,  the chairman of China’s heavy machinery maker Sany Group.

Contact at:–  Level 13, Building A3 No.9 Chegongzhuang Avenue   Beijing      Postcode:100044 Central-South-University-CircletTelephone:+86-10-66093900



  1. Nankai University (NKU) is a highly-reputed multi-disciplinary  university in China. It is often ranked among the top twenty universities in the country. NKU is most famous for its programs in mathematics, chemistry, history, business and engineering schools, which are among the best in China. NKU graduates are very popular in worldwide.images


Programs offered:-

Civil Engineering


9. USTC :- This was established in Beijing by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1958 with the motto of fostering  the country’s most promising scientific and technological talent. It was transferred  to Hefei City  in  1970s. It’s the most prestigious destination for science and technology scholars in China. As a national key university, it mainly focuses on scientific and technological research.


Contact at: – Huangshan Rd, Shushan, Hefei, Anhui, China

Phone no: – +86 5513602653

  1. Beijing Normal University:- Being  one of the oldest universities in China. The university is a renowned  and one of the leading institution of higher learning.  The university ranks 64th in all  round Asia and 8th on the Chinese mainland among  University Rankings and one of the best hub for studying engineering.


Contact at:-

Beijing Normal University
No. 19, XinJieKouWai St., Hai Dian District,
Beijing 100875, P. R. China

  BNU telephone directory assistance:010-58806183

  1. Renmin University of China: – Being located in Beijing, the national capital of China, Renmin University of China (RUC) is a key comprehensive and research-orientated university.

Contact at: –

Renmin University of China
No. 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing, 100872, P.R. China
Tel: 86-10-62511081/62511083/62511084

  1. Shangdong University (SDU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Originally known as the Imperial Shandong University, SDU was founded in 1901, becoming the second university of the modern era. It a renowned university offering undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs in some 13 disciplinary which includes science, engineering, as well. The university boasts a full array of scientific research facilities, having  leading teaching faculty, and serene campus environment.

Website –

Contact at:

27 Shanda South Rd, Licheng, Jinan, Shandong, China

Phone: +86 531 8839 5114

13.Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT):- This was formerly founded in 1920 as the Harbin Sino-Russian School for Industry. The university, a member of the C9 League, is generally recognized as one of China’s top universities with well known programs in the field of astronautics. It has created many scientific inventions, such as China’s first simulation computer, first arc-welding robots, and the world’s first advanced-level system radar.                 images


Contact at:– 92, Xidazhi St, Nangang, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 150001

 Phone:+86 451 8641 2114

14.Jilin University (JLU) :- It is a national university under China’s Ministry of Education. It ranks first in terms of student enrollment .Presently, the university houses some 68,132 full-time students which includes 41,381 undergraduates, 25,095 candidates for master’s and doctor’s degrees, and 1,547 international students.


Contact at:–  2699 Qianjin Street;

130012  Changchun ,China

Phone: 86 431 85166885.

  1. Sichuan University (SCU) is a multi-disciplinary,renowned for engineering study, located in downtown Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. It’s known as the oldest and largest university in Western China. It  ranks among the top 10 universities in China in terms of overall strength and the number of academic papers.


16.Sun Yat-sen University: This university is also known as Zhongshan University, built in 1924 .The university is located in Guangzhou. It strongly gives emphasis on interdisciplinary education, the university offers programs in various areas including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, pharmacology. The university includes a large number of advanced, fully-equipped labs and research bases.


Contact at:– Address: No. 135, Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, 510275, P. R. China
TEL: +86-20-84112828.

17 . Zhejiang University: – It is one of the top ranking Universities in
China located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. It also provides students with scholarships to lessen their financial pressure off university education.

For more details log in with:-

Contact at: – E-mail:
Address: Zhejiang University,
866 Yuhangtang Road,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310058,
P. R. China.     

  1. Fudan University :- It is one of the leading and prestigious universities in China located                                          in shanghai. Fudan University is under the direct jurisdiction of the State   Ministry of Education, enjoys national construction priority. Presently Fudan University is nearly having  44,300 students, including full-time students.

For more details log in with: –

Contact at:– 138,Yixueyuan Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China,

Phone no:-+86 21 5423 7499.

  1. Tsinghua College :-Tsinghua University is today widely recognized as one of the top one universities in China. Presently, this has a total number of 37,650 full time students, including 14,943 undergraduates, and 22,707 candidates for master’s and doctor’s degrees. Graduates from the university rank first among their peers in terms of employment competitiveness and salaries. The university has produced scores of prominent scientists, scholars and business people who have made significant contributions.

Contact at:-

Haidian, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 10 6279 3001


20.  Wuhan University (WHU): It is located in Wuchang District of Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei  Province. WHU is widely recognized as one of the oldest and most prestigious top 10 universities in China offering various courses in engineering.

for more details log in with:-


  1. Nanjing University (NJU) :- This well known comprehensive university built in 1902 as Sanjiang Normal School. Located in Nanjing in the capital city of Jiangsu Province, NJU is known as the fountain head of China’s modern science. It has made significant contributions to China’s education, academic research and cultural advancement. In an addition it has a full range of advanced teaching and research facilities.                                                  images

Contact at:-

Huiwen Rd, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


  1. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications:- It’s called the Power House for talents of information technology in China.  In overall level evaluation of national first-class subjects, the two first-class subjects one is Electron Science and Technique and  the second one is Information and Communication Engineering which is headed by the list of successful candidates. In recent years, the employment rate of BUPT graduates is around 98%.

Contact at:- Haidian, Beijing, China

  1. Imperial University of Peking :- This was established in year 1898 . It’s regarded as one of the two most prestigious universities in China. The university had become a center of progressive thought from  1920.                                 200px-Peking_University_seal.svg

For more details:


Contact at:-

General Enquiry:

Office Number (Hong Kong Office):
(852) 2622-3887.

24.Qingdao Technological University : This university with harmonious development in the subjects of science and  engineering  has grown up to its heights.It is also counted as one of the Technological University, located in Shandong, China which offers programs in civil, mechanical, and environmental engineering.

Contact at:-

11, Fushun Rd, Sifang, Qingdao, Shandong, China

         Tel: +86 532 8507 1112                             220px-QtechBadge


  1. North China Electric Power University : This University was founded in  the year 1958 and administrated by the State Council as a key university in China in 1978, and is affiliated with the Ministry of Education officially . Its main campus is in Beijing.

Couses best offered:-

BE in Electric Engineering and Automation and BE in Electronics.

For more details log in with:-

The list of all total programs for engineering that the universities in China offers are:-




School of International Education






School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering*Design and Manufacturing of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure *Turbine Engineering *Underwater Acoustics Engineering ΔOcean Engineering ΔUnderwater Technology and Engineering
☆Mechanics*General Mechanics and Mechanics Foundation *Solid Mechanics *Fluid Mechanics *Engineering Mechanics
Civil Engineering*Rock and Soil Engineering *Structural Engineering
Hydraulic EngineeringHarbor, Coast and Offshore Engineering






School of Mechanical and Power Energy Engineering

 Mechanical Engineering*Machine Manufacturing and Automation  *Electromechanical Engineering *Machine Design and Theory *Vehicle Engineering  and Industrial Engineering
Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics

*Engineering Thermo physics *Thermal Engineering *Power Machinery and Engineering *Fluid Machinery and Engineering *Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering


School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering

☆Instrument Science and Technology

*Precision Instruments and Machinery *Measurement Technology and Instruments

Electrical Engineering

*Electrical Machines and Appliances *Power System and  its Automation *High Voltage and Insulation Technology *Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission

Electronic Science and Technology

*Electrical Circuits and Systems *Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology

Information and Communication Engineering

*Communication and Information System *Signal and Information Processing
Control Science and Technology*Control Theory and Engineering *Detection Technology and Automatic Devices *Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
Computer Science and Technology*Computer System Architecture *Computer Software and Theory *Computer Application Technology

School of Information Security

ΔCryptography and Computer Security

School of Materials Science and Engineering

☆Materials Science and Engineering*Materials Physics and Chemistry *Materials Science *Material Processing Engineering
  Optical Engineering

School of Life Science and Biotechnology



School of Pharmacy

Biomedical Engineering Genetically Engineered Drugs study


School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

★ChemistryInorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry *Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Chemical Engineering and TechnologyChemical Engineering Chemical Technology Applied Chemistry Industrial Catalyst

Antai College of Economics & Management

☆Management Science and Engineering Management Science and Engineering Financial Engineering

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental and Engineering  Environmental Engineering
Biomedical EngineeringBioengineering Bioinformatics  Biotechnology
Food Science and EngineeringFood Technology,  Protein Engineering

Center for Nanotechnology

Materials Science and EngineeringNano materials and Nanotechnology

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