Types of Traction Systems

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traction control system (TCS) is basically German term that means typically (but not necessarily). It is a secondary function that is employed for the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Its wide application is in the field of production motor vehicles. These vehicles are designed to prevent the loss of traction of driven road wheels. Here in this post we have discussed Control System Notes on traction system including explanation of various types of traction system like description of Electric Traction and Non-Electric Traction System that has wide application in Control System field.

Traction System

Types of Traction System

The traction systems is broadly classified into two parts :

1. Non electric traction system
2. Electric traction system

1. Non Electric Traction System– The non electric traction system does not use electricity in any stage of its working and movement i.e they work without using electricity .(they uses either fuel or battery) Eg -Internal combustion engine & Diesel Engine.

2. Electric Traction System- Electric traction system uses electricity at most of its stages of its working & movement. Eg- electric engine.

The electric traction have the following electrification’s:

a. DC System- Have either 2 overhead wires as in case of trolley, or 1 overhead wires in case of tram cars and the wheels of the tram act as a return conductor. The motors used may be series fed,shunt,or compound fed. The supply is fed from the the substation in the distance within 5 to 10 km.the equivalent voltages used are about 3000 V to 5000 V.

Example of DC System are trolley and trams.

b. AC System- May be single Phase or 3 phase at low frequency at 25 Hz,(16/2/3). As the supply are of about 12/ 132 KV which are taken from the substations and power grids and this high voltage cannot be used directly into the motors and hence silicon controlled rectifiers i.e thyristors are used for rectifying purposes.

Example of DC System are AC Series Motor.

Single phase AC Series motor can be easily used but in case of synchronous motors, although it is robust ,efficient ,regenerative properties but has a flat speed time curve .

c. Composite System-  The Composite Systems includes following phases

1. Single Phase Composite System: The Three phase (Kando system) or the Kando System have both 1 phase and 3 phase system and it works on the supply that is fed continuously at low frequency level.

2. Single Phase- DC Composite System: The single phase DC System are are used for supplying the power from overhead lines.

There are three types of traction system services which are as follows:

1. Urban Services: These traction system services covers the range of 1km.

2. Sub Urban Services: These traction system services covers the range from 2 to 5 km.

3. Main Line Services: These traction system services covers the range above 5 km.

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