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UPSC AIR 7 Ganesh Kumar Baskar


Ganesh Kumar Baskar from Nagamalai Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu cleared his UPSC exam in his second attempt and achieved an AIR 7 but he wishes to represent India worldwide by joining the Indian Foreign Services. 27 year old Ganesh said that he had expected a rank of top 100 but an AIR 7 had surprised him and he had not even dreamt of that. He is also the state topper of Tamil Nadu. He did his preparations without any coachings and UPSC topper also says that self study is the main and the best method to crack your UPSC CSE. It is a great deal of effort and hardwork to study without coaching as it requires a lot of self motivation. You feel a lot of demotivation if you fail someday and you need someone’s guidance and help for that to not give up.


UPSC Topper completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya Gurugram and Madura. Ganesh Kumar went to IIT Kanpur in 2015 to complete his B.Tech and in 2017 , he joined IIM Ahmedabad to complete his MBA. His father, SP Bhaskar is 57 and has worked in the Cabinet Secretariat of Central Government due to which he had to change schools each time his father had to transfer. When he completed his MBA, UPSC topper Ganesh started working as aa product manager in a cloud data management company in Bengaluru. He worked there for 2 years.

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Even during his job, his heart always wished for becoming Indian Foreign Services (IFS) Officer. So he resigned from the job after 2 years and decided to prepare for the UPSC CSE. He started preparing at his house in Nagercoil and has been preparing for the past 2 years until he gave the UPSC CS examinations in 2019. He chose mathematics as his optional subject. He gave his first attempt in 2018 but failed. He could not even clear his prelims in the first attempt as he did not work much harder that time. He had took the guidance of 2 of his college seniors who are also at presently serving as IAS officers. They suggested him to prepare by himself at home as it would save his lot of time and told him not to join any caoching center. He did not get demotivated and gave up at his first attempt.

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UPSC topper Ganesh stayed updated with the current affairs and also read newspaper on a daily basis and domestic and international related articles in it were very helpful for him in his preparations. He also tried joining some online classes but discontinued with them as they took so many hours to explain concepts with which he was already familier. He bought 16 books set of mathematics as it was his optional subject and practiced them thorougly. He also took some mock tests of mathematics and other general subjects which were conducted by coaching centers in Chennai and Delhi. He quit his job with the support of his father and mother, B Leelavathi, 3 months before his prelims.Ganesh worked more hard and all by himself again this time, and he used to practive 8 hours a day year before the exam. When only a month was left, he started studying for 10-12 hours which is actually very tiresome and stressful but did not give up and he passed his UPSC CSE with flying colors in his second attempt. It was least expected to him that he would pass with an AIR 7 and now he wishes to join IFS. It is his proper planning and strategy that has helped in achieving his target as continuous studying without any target also is a complete time waste.

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Ganesh says that it is very important to understand the examination process and what it demands. You should do that instead of continuously reading and learning. He also said that he does not recommend coaching to everyone. Everybody’s learning method varies and he was comfortable with mathematics at home as he is an engineering student. If he had taken some other optional subject, he would also have taken coaching. But, he had already planned his strategy and he knew that he would be able to manage his studies alone. He also had a great support system of his family that helped him alot


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