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AIR 8 Abhishek Saraf


28 year old, Abhishek Saraf cleared his UPSC CSE and secured an AIR 8 in his fourth attempt. He belongs to Bhopal and has graduated from IIT Kanpur. He was selected in Indian Revenue Services in 2018. He was just 10 months old, when he lost his father Arvind Saraf and it is his mother, Pratibha Saraf who has played the role of both his mother and father since then.They had to face a lot of financial problems. It is really difficult to manage studies when you have a lot of problems in your family and focusing on it. He also has a brother who is working as an business development manager with a private company.


His mother is his pillar of strength and after he was selected as an IRS, she motivated him to reappear in the UPSC CSE. He has also wanted to be an IAS officer and work in the field of education and skill development. Abhishek’s maternal uncle is an IAS Officer who motivated him alot and was a great inspiration for him. He was extremely talented from early childhood and after completing his class 12th, he gave the exam for IIT and cracked it. He says that he would be able to clear all of his exams but when he gave UPSC CSE in 2015, he could not even clear the prelims. It is not shocking as it is one of the most tough examinations in India. But he had never expected that he would not be able to clear even his prelims. He had cracked IIT and did civil engineering after which he gave civil engineering service exams in which he got AIR 6. He was a railway executive engineer.

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After his first attempt in 2015, Abhishek took a break till 2017. He says that, it is very important to have a support system as it keeps you motivated and helps you in not letting down yourself when you feel low. He had a very good support system. In 2017, he gave his second attempt and cleared his UPSC CSE but he did not get IAS or IRS as he had a very low rank. He had given presentable answers but for essay he did not do very well. His general studies also did not go very well. He had also taken coaching for UPSC CSE but it did not help him much. He felt sad for a while but then he immediately realised his mistakes and started preparing for his 3rd attempt. Abhishek gave his third attempt in 2018 and this time and got a rank of 248. This time he did not take coaching and he also suggests that coaching is not required for you UPSC CSE. He is a self made man. His optional was civil engineering as he had done his B.Tech in it and he also likes this subject. He did not get much marks in general studies but scored well in essay and optional. He got customs department in IRS. He still was not satisfied and he tried for his last attempt in 2019.

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He gave his fourth attempt with his 100 percent efforts and scored an AIR 4 in his UPSC CSE. He says that he does not believe in this fact that you should cut off with social media but you need to control yourself. He himself used it alot. But if you can not control, then you should stay off limits with it. He says that consistency, revision, support system, short breaks are very important. You need to write nice presentable answers. Use points, flow charts, diagrams, underlines etc. He got great marks because of it. Although he took coaching for mock interviews. He used internet to find content. He also went to Delhi for discussions. This strategy has helped him in his success and he has made his family proud and now he will make his nation proud. He will face new challenges in his journey of an IAS officer and help for the betterment of his country. He already has many qualities of a good IAS officer and he just needs to improve himself and make him better day by day so that he can perform his best and improve his nation.

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