Optional Books of Economics

UPSC Economics Optional Books

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UPSC Economics Optional Books

Indian Economy and Economics are considered as a significant part of the UPSC IAS Exam. It is a relevant subject for UPSC IAS Preliminary Exam as well as rather for Main and Interview too.

Most of the Aspirants are confused that for the UPSC Exam which book preferred, which is best for your help we’ll provide you some important books as well as all those books which are generally preferred by aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC Exam.

Best Books for Economics Optional For UPSC Exam

  • Economics (GS) – Sriram IAS
  • Economy Indian Polity – Chokalingam
  • Indian Economy-  by Zulfiqar Mohd GS Mentors
  • AXIOM IAS – Mahesh Lalwani Economics
  • An Introduction to Economics – A.W. Stonier and D.C. Hauge
  •  Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri
  • Dictionary of Economics – Graham Bannock; T.E. Baxter, Ray Rees
  • Economic Growth and Development – Mayer and Baldwin
  • Economic Survey: Twelve Five Year Plan: New Industrial Policy – Government of India
  • Economics – Paul A. Samuelson
  • Economics Choice – Koutsweanik
  • Growth and Development – M L Jhingan
  • Banking – S.B. Gupta
  • Indian Economy – R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram
  • Macro Economic Analysis – Edward Shapiro
  • International Economics – Bo Soderston
  • International Economics – H.G. Mannur or Salvatore
  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh
  • International Trade – Bo Soderston
  • Modern Banking – R.S. Sayers
  • Monetary Theory and Public Policy – Kenneth Kurihara
  • Money Supply in India: Concepts, Compilation, and Analysis: Functions and Working – Reserve Bank of India
  • Public Finance – K.K. Andley and Sundharam
  • Outline of Monetary Economics – A.C.I. Day
  • Public Finance – H.L. Bhatia
  • National Income Accounting – Neethu
  • The Economic Times
  • Economic and Political Weekly

IAS Coaching in Bangalore

                                1.Mahesh Lalwani Economics Notes

Author-Mahesh Lalwani

Mahesh Lalwani Economics Notes Topics

Comparative Advantage, Terms of Trade and Offer Curve, Old and New Theories of International Trade, Balance of Payments Adjustments: Alternative Approaches.
Trade as an engine of growth and theories under development in an open economy.Alternative Approaches, Price versus income, income adjustments under fixed exchange rates,. Theories of Policy Mix, Speculative attacks

Mahesh Lalwani Economics Notes

                                  2.Sriram Ias Economy Notes

Author-Sriram Ias

Sriram Ias Economics Notes Topics

poverty.inclusion.demographics.social sector initiatives.indian economy and issue relating to planning.mobilization of resource growth, development and employment.

Sriram Ias Economics Notes

Sriram Ias Economy Pdf

                            3.Indian Economy by Zulfiqar Mohd

Author- Zulfiqar Mohd

Indian Economy Notes

                           4.Economy Indian Polity – Chokalingam

Author- Chokalingam

Chokalingam Economy Notes

                           5.Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri

Author-  Mishra and Puri

Price-  ₹799

ISBN: 9352991737
ISBN: 978-9352991730

                      6. Economics – Paul A. Samuelson

Author –Paul A. Samuelson

Pries – ₹636
 ISBN: 9780070700710
ISBN: 978-0070700710

IAS Coaching in Delhi

                 7. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh

Author- Ramesh Singh

Pries – ₹447

ISBN: 9789387572867
ISBN: 978-9387572867

             8.Public Finance – H.L. Bhatia

Author- H.L. Bhatia

Pries – ₹225
ISBN: 9325960001
ISBN: 978-9325960008

            9. Indian Economy – R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram

Author- R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram

Pries – ₹524
ISBN: 8121902983
ISBN: 978-8121902984

           10. Public Finance – K.K. Andley and Sundharam

Author- K.K. Andley and Sundharam

Pries – ₹125
ISBN: 9788121917414

Economics optional coaching in Bangalore

Through This Research Article on best  Economics Optional Notes, we have tried to answer a few frequently answered question by a student

1. What was Abhijeet Sinha’s strategy and book list for economics optional?

2. What books should be read for the economics optional in UPSC and what should be the preparation strategy regarding this?

3. How do I study economics optional for UPSC Mains?

4.How do I prepare for economics optional in UPSC civil service examination?

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