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UPSC Mains Exam coaching for Medical Science as Optional

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As we all know the UPSC exam is very toughest exam in India, many students appear in this exam every year but many of them rejected. The result of this is you are sitting in very tough exam or some preparation for the exam from your end is weak. The subject medical science is also tough, so the combination is not possible with UPSC, it becomes very tough to clear the exam.

Medical Science

 Human Anatomy

Connected life systems including blood and nerve supply of upper and lower appendages and joints of shoulder, hip and knee.

Gross life structures, blood supply and lymphatic waste of tongue, thyroid, mammary organ, stomach, liver, prostate, gonads and uterus

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Connected life systems of stomach, perineum and inguinal area.

Clinical life systems of kidney, urinary bladder, uterine tubes, vas deferens.

Embryology: Placenta and placental boundary. Advancement of heart, gut, kidney, uterus, ovary, testis and their basic innate variations from the norm.

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Focal and fringe autonomic sensory system: Gross and clinical life structures of ventricles of cerebrum, course of cerebrospinal liquid; Neural pathways and injuries of cutaneous sensations, listening to and vision; Cranial nerves, appropriation and clinical essentialness; Components of autonomic sensory system.

Human Physiology

Conduction and transmission of drive, component of constriction, neuromuscular transmission, reflexes, control of harmony, carriage and muscle tone, dropping pathways, capacities of cerebellum, basal ganglia, Physiology of slumber and awareness.

Endocrine framework: Mechanism of activity of hormones, arrangement, emission, transport, digestion system, capacity and regulation of discharge of pancreas and pituitary organ.

Physiology of conceptive framework: menstrual cycle, lactation, pregnancy.

Blood: Development, regulation and destiny of platelets.

Cardio-vascular, cardiovascular yield, circulatory strain, regulation of cardiovascular capacities;

Natural chemistry

Organ capacity tests-liver, kidney, thyroid

Protein union.

Vitamins and minerals.

Confinement piece length polymorphism (RFLP).

Polymerase chain response (PCR).

Radio – immunoassays (RIA).


Aggravation and repair, aggravations of development and tumor, Pathogenesis and histopathology of rheumatic and ischemic coronary illness and diabetes mellitus. Separation between kind, harmful, essential and metastatic malignancies, Pathogenesis and histopathology of bronchogenic carcinoma, carcinoma breast, oral growth, disease cervix, leukemia, Etiology, pathogenesis and histopathology of – cirrhosis liver, glomerulonephritis, tuberculosis, intense osteomyelitis.


Humoral and cell intervened invulnerability

Sicknesses brought about by and lab finding of-

Meningococcus, Salmonella

Shigella, Herpes, Dengue, Polio

HIV/AIDS, Malaria, E. Histolytica, Giardia

Candida, Cryptococcus, Aspergillus


Component of activity and symptoms of the accompanying medications

Antipyretics and analgesics, Antibiotics, Antimalaria; Antikala-azar,Antidiabetics

Antihypertensive, Antidiuretics, General and cardiovascular vasodilators, Antiviral, Antiparasitic, Antifungal, Immunosuppressants


7. Scientific Medicine and Toxicology: Forensic examination of wounds and wounds; Examination of blood and fundamental stains; harming, narcotic overdose, hanging, suffocating, smoldersand DNA.

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2 Responses to UPSC Mains Exam coaching for Medical Science as Optional

  1. Ujjwal says:

    I want to do IAs with english medium, medical science plzz suggest me institutes and cl me

  2. mansoor ali khan says:

    sir am doing my mbbs internship,it will be completed by november,plz suggest me any of d best ias coachng centre in delhi,and i need some preperation instructions it will be good and easy fr me to proceed sir

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