VHDL Questions

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1. What is VHDL?                                                                                                                           Ans. VHDL is VHSIC(Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) Hardware Descriptive Language is an IEEE standard since 1987. It is a formal standard used in all phases of creation of electronic circuits.It supports development, synthesis, testing of hardware design.

2.Describe Moore’s Law for VHDL?                                                                                               Ans. Gordon Moore in 1960 said that “the number of components that can be integrated on a single chip would increase at such a rate that it becomes twice in every 18 months.

3. What is VHDL synthesis?

Ans. Synthesis is of 3 types:                                                                                                                 1. Architectural-level: It consists of generating a structural view of architectural level model.It determines macroscopic structure of circuit.                                                                                        2. Logical-level: It consists of generating a structural view of logical level model.It creates logic specification of logic model and provides microscopic structure of circuit. 3. Geometrical-level: It consists of creating physical view at geometric level. It tells about geometric pattern defining the physical layout.

4. What is the difference between sequential and combinational circuits ?                                    Ans. Sequential: These are the circuits whose output not only depends on present input but also on the previos input.It has a memory element. Combinational : These are the circuits whose output only depends on the present input and not on previous input.They don’t have memory element.

5.what is the difference between function and procedure in VHDL? Give example.                             Ans. Procedure encapsulates collection of sequential statement that are executed for their effect,whereas a function encapsulates collection of statements that compute a result.  Thus a procedure is a generalization of a statement, whereas a function is a generalization of an expression.

6.What are the capabilities of VHDL?                                                                                                 Ans.1. Power and flexibility           2. Device independent design                      3.Portability                         4. Benchmarking Capability.  5. Ahttps://blog.oureducation.in/wp-admin/post-new.phpSIC migration

7. How is VHDL device independent?                                                                                            Ans. VHDL permits to create a design without having to choose a device for implementation. With one design description many device architecture can be targeted.

8. What are attributes?                                                                                                    Ans.Attributes are used to return  types of information about a signal,variable or data type. Attribute consists of () followed by name of attribute.                                                                                  Eg- signal_name quite(T)

9. What is latency factor?                                                                                                               Ans Latency is used to measure performance of of circuit. It is the time required to execute a operation.Latency is measured in clock-cycle.

10. Describe various chip integration?

Ans 1. SSI(small scale integration) <=10                                                                                                      2. MSI(medium scale integration)=100                                                                                                  3. LSI(Large Scale integration)<=1000                                                                                                 4. VLSI(Very large scale integration)<=10000                                                                                      5. ULSI(Ultra large scale integration)>10000

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