Criminalisation of Politics

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Criminalisation of Politics can not be avoided ever till the time criminals are in Politics but who  sends them , we voters. I should primarily say that we are in democracy and in democracy voters are behind every positive and negative happening because they choose their ministers to rule on behalf of them. So if there is criminal activities in politics then voters are the reason who ignited it. If they would have boycott criminals through voting then such situation would never arrive. But we can say our voters do not have vast thinking, they just think for their own or their surroundings. So we cannot totally blame voters but they are too reason for it.

criminals in politics

criminalization of politics

As far as political parties are concern I agree that they take in confidence of voters. Hence major reason for criminalisation in politics is political parties but we cannot ignore the role of voters for boosting these parties to do so.

But if we think from a voter’s perspective we have two points to think about:

Till the time we are human we will remain crimnal and so criminalization in politics will prevail.
1. Most of the rural area people have no access to media or news so how can they judge the parties without any knowledge so there is probability that they can vote for wrong candidate. So point is our information system should be improved.

2. And also when come to forming government party need majority of seats else you need to make mix government then those state parties will dominate the government in to their favour by giving the treat to withdraw their support from the party.

This leads to a corrupted system.

But again voters are also responsible for all the crime. They choose their party on the basis of religion, cast etc every time when election is held without seeing the present situation. If they vote strictly and oppose the corrupt party then crime etc can be eradicated. Voter is a god for all political parties. Political parties are spreading like a epidemic in all villages, districts, state and metropolitan area. In 90% case it is seen that political parties are responsible for the criminalization of politics. In 10% cases all voters who cannot understand which parties give us all facilities which they want.

They only vote for that party who give some money and other items at the time of election and they also campaign for some parties day to night without thinking that my child perform better in his house or not.

But we should not blame voters completely for all the crime. As most of the people in India are living in villages and they are very innocent and don’t have great knowledge regarding power of their vote. As a result some ministers take people in confidence by illegal means(e.g. distributing money) and poor voters get trapped and left to suffer for the next 5 years.

And the politicians also promise too much before the elections, when time comes to put the words into action, they hardly remember anything.

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21 Responses to Criminalisation of Politics

  1. preeti nisha says:

    When we talk about india we don’t mean the 30% city folks but the rest 70% of the villagers as well. Though both of them are responsible for criminalization in politics but voters are far more responsible. Today literacy rate of india is 74.04% and still we choose a wrong government. Even if people know the background of the polling candidates they never tend to properly judge them or they “sell” their votes just for a few rupee notes. They don’t understand that they themselves are making their future dark as the greedy today will be there leader tomorrow. Talking about rural india they atleast have the means of radio communication and newspapers or even if not this they attend campaigns still they choose wrong people and thus politicians take advantage of this. However you try to preach about but it will still not make anyone understand the importance of vote unless they feel to do so! Like we don’t need education to understand rape,extortion,character and murder we don’t really need education to understand the need to vote for right people. Its a self realization and obligation of an individual towards their country and for their better future as well.

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