War rhetoric is misplaced in a country like India which is trying to globalize its economy.

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India is secular democratic socialist country. And also a developing nation where 35 percentage of the population depends on the agriculture to fulfill their basic needs of life. Many of the people are even below the poverty line i.e., they could not even fulfill the basic needs for one to survive, food, shelter and clothing. Though there are certain policies by the government that are made to help the poor but still few lag behind. Moreover the problem is, all these people involved in agricultural activities, are illiterate so it gets impossible for the government to involve then into any daily wage system apart from labor work. They don’t have any other opportunity to grow. Even government cannot provide job for each and every sections of people in society as the number of jobs in the private or the government sectors are limited.

So the next option that arises in such a position is trade, it does not require any literacy measure, what it requires is just some business brain. Educated people or even little education people can also do that. With the help of trading people can raise their standard in the society.

Trading is also not that easy so with little knowledge and few trading techniques one can be in to trading. These techniques would also come with time. Trading would not only help these people to increase their standard in the society but the tax that they would earn from it could be helpful for them in raising their economic standards.

Let us throw some light on what trading is actually?

Trading could be seen as the buying and selling of goods. It may be at local level or the national and international levels as well i.e., the selling and buying may be inter country or intra country. In the ancient times as well our ancestors used to trade. Thus the problem of poverty or unemployment could also be resolved to some extent.

The next contradictory situation that arises is, trading at times is not completely a poor person’s cup of tea because what if a situation arises that it requires some investment before starting the trading. We opted this for the poor people as they lack education as well as economy, but when it comes to investing some money there is again a troubling situation. But trading can still be started d at lower levels and later on can be switched to higher ones.

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4 Responses to War rhetoric is misplaced in a country like India which is trying to globalize its economy.

  1. Mitali Panda says:

    one can improve a lot in trading as the taxes of import and custom duty goes on varying so one can use their brain to earn profit if they have so or else they can bear a heavy loss . so from the above article it is easier to know that one having good business idea may be educated or not can earn good money by trading.

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