We are not serious about saving Wildlife

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We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

In today’s ecologicalcondition,conserving wildlife/environment is becoming difficult day by day.Conserving wildlife/environment faces challenges because of industrial revolution at each and every step.Extinction of wildlife is a natural phenomenon but the greatest threat to them comes from the activities of man and thus,conserving wildlife/environment from man is the major task.So we ourselves have created the need for conservation of wildlife. Conserving widlife/environment can be viewed from several angles such as, beauty,economic value, scientific values for research and values for snivel. The main causes of extinction of wildlives are poaching, enumerable animals and birds are hunted for meat, skin, ivory, horns etc.ruthlessly.

Factors responsible for carelessness:-

  1. 1.Increased real estate activities.
  2. 2.Establishing factories/industries nearby national
  3. parks or wildlife sancturies.
  4. 3.No proper laws are presented.
  5. 4.If laws are there,they are not enacted effectively.
  6. 5.People should change their outlook towards
  7. conserving wildlife/environment.

What to do:-

  • • A conservation function – to contribute to the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation.
  • • A development function – to foster economic and human development which is socio-culturally and ecologically sustainable.
  • • A logistic function – to provide support for research,monitoring, education and information exchange related to local, national and global issues of conservation and development (UNESCO, 2005).

Some of the important wildlife sanctuaries in India are:-

  • • Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh.
  • • Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh.
  • • Gir National Park & Sanctuary in Gujarat.
  • • Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh.
  • • Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
  • • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala.
  • • Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan.
  • • Sunderbans National Park in West Bengal.
  • • Dachigam National Park in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • • Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam.

Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 :-
In 1972 by the Government of India. Prior to 1972,India only had five designated national parks. Among other reforms, the Act established schedules of protected plant and animal species; hunting or otherwise harvesting these species was largely outlawed.The Act provides for the protection of Wild animals,birds and plants and for matters connected there with or ancillary or incidental thereto. It extends to the whole of India, except the State of Jammu and Kashmir which has its own wildlife act. It has six schedules which give varying degrees of protection, with absolute protection being provided under Schedule I and part II of schedule II with the highest penalties prescribed for offences under these schedules and Species listed in the Sch. IV are also protected but the penalties are much lower, with the enforcement authorities having the power to compound offences (as in they impose fines on the offenders).

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11 Responses to We are not serious about saving Wildlife

  1. Debanki Mukherjee says:

    This article is really important to understand the reason behind saving EARTH’S WILDLIFE.Wildlife value as GENETIC RESERVOIR, value in maintaining ECOSYSTEM STABILITY.Apart from this wildlife has AESTHETIC VALUE, INHERENT VALUE AND ECONOMIC VALUE.

  2. Rohit Kumar says:

    I want to really support this article and say few words that we are really not serious about saving wildlife.There are so many acts but they are not followed up to the mark.Each of us is looking for a developed nation in the sense of developing more infrastructure for that afforestation is done tremendously .The humans are interfering into their land and making so many species on the verge of extinct. Tigers have been killed for their skin,rhinos are killed for their horns.elephants for their tusker etc.This practice of killing innocent is only for the shake of money.

  3. Harshita Rathi says:

    In the present time wild life is not safe. Conserving wildlife/environment faces challenges because of industrial revolution at each and every step. People also hunt wild animal as per their own benefits. Animals skin are sold at a high rate in market so people use to make money with their hairs and skin. In fact global warming is also very harmful for wildlife/environment. Deforestation is also a big cause of harming wildlife. So we have to utilize our knowledge to encourage nature so that the forest can be saved and also the wildlife.

  4. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Wild animal species is decreasing day by day.The main cause for this is deforestation.Wildlife is not just a biological issue but it is also correlated with cultural diversity. There are many forest dependent communities, which directly depend on various components of the forest and wildlife for food,drink,medicines etc.

  5. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    The environmental movement is one of the most successful social change movements.. But people and industries are the main cause for the destruction. People should put efforts, festivals, fairs, and concerts to save our MOTHER EARTH……. EARTH DAY is the perfect opportunity to get people to tap-into the better world movement, so that they can find the inspiration and encouragement to continue activities for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world all year long.

  6. aratrika sengupta says:

    To maintain the proper ecological balance, apart from Lithosphere or Hydrosphere, Biosphere plays the major active role. So in order to Save our mother earth, how we take the responsibility of saving wildlife is very aesthetically portrayed in this article.


    I would like to add my views about this. Let me tell you that “actions speak louder than words”, but this is rarely follwed in case of conserving the nature. There’s no meaning in talking a lot about conserving nature, telling this that we’ll do this, we’ll do that. Unless and until we work on it. Sitting at home saying that “save the tigers ” won’t let this job done. We need to actively participate in it.

    According to me the only reason we are not serious about this issue is AS OF NOW WE ARE NOT AFFECTED By THE EXTINCTION OF THE SPECIES, SO ONLY WHEN THE PROBLEMS KNOCKS ONES’ DOOR PEOPLE WILL START REACTING, but I would like to remind you “it’s better late than never”. Save our wildlife, save the nature, save yourself :).

  8. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    the major reason behind this ecological condition is growing industries here and there.People doesn’t care of the wildlife while doing this.So only we the human beings are responsible for this.We have to take initiatives to save wildlife.

  9. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Yes we are not serious about saving Wildlife.
    The main reason of the ecological condition is deforestation.
    Due to the rising of population we are cutting down the forest which is the home for the wild animals,for the sake of building homes only for us.
    Only we are the reason for this unbalancing environment.
    Due to deforestation animals are coming out in search of food and water.
    So,we have to contribute our effort for saving the plants and wildlife.
    We have to utilize our knowledge to encourage nature so that the forest can be saved and also the wildlife.

  10. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    To maintain nature’s equilibrium we should not disturb the life cycles…which include bonding or interconnection between human AND animals both so it is very important to save wildlife.
    Articles and such survey is very useful to understand the current situation of the wildlife and extinct species

  11. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    yes. I completely agree with it. We are really careless about the wild life. We always say “Save forest, save animals” But the thing is that we never think about it from our heart and soul. We go to many wildlife sanctuaries to watch the wild animals, but never think that our inhumanic behaviour can affect the animals badly. Now a days many resorts are made in different forests, This is also just for business profit. So in reality we are responsible for the condition of wild animals. So we really need to think deeply about this matter. One more thing which is necessary is literacy . Otherwise we will not be able to save wildlife.

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