West Bengal board 10th exams preparation

West Bengal Board of Secondary Exams- Preparation and Tips to excel

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West Bengal Board of Secondary Exams 

bengal board exams

Let us in brief know about the board:

West Bengal board 10th exams preparation. W.B.B.S.E. It stands for The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It  is the state government administered autonomous examining authority for the Standard 10 examination (or secondary school level examination) of West Bengal, India.

The Board of Secondary Education was established in 1951 under an Act of the State Legislature called the West Bengal Secondary Education Act of 1950. The board was renamed as West Bengal Board of Secondary Education in 1964, under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Act 1963. Since then, the examination has been renamed as the Madhyamik Pariksha (literally secondary examination in Bengali; the word madhyamik translates from the Bengali language as middle level..It stands for the motto–Sarvashiksha Aviyan,

This board is an autonomous body. The examination for the 10th standard is called the Madhyamik Pariksha or secondary examination.

The Madhyamik examination is conducted annually and simultaneously all over the state of West Bengal by the WBBSE and also in affiliates of the board located outside West Bengal, elsewhere in India. More than 10,50,000 examinees take the exam every year. The headquarters of the Board, Nibedita Bhawan was named after Sister Nivedita.

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I myself being from this board can fully understand student’s difficulty level when they are facing state board exams. It is tough but not impossible of course considering the changes made in exam pattern by the government in recent years. The number of objective questions have actually increased hence my suggestion as an ex student from this board would be to aim for perfection so that atleast you can score well.



tips to study

  • Clear your basics and have a clear understanding of the topics you have in your curriculum.
  • Look for absolute precision and try to develop the most concise and to the point answer to get full credit for your answers
  • Solve test papers and give mock test papers.
  • Practice the board book from page1 to end.
  • Find out the pages from test paper that includes the test ABTA questions from Midnapore, Purulia, Murshidabad, Bankura, Dinajpur, Birbhum.
  • Do the board book example riders
  • Make your copy attractive with margins and rough.
  • Make plans for everyday.Make to-do list at end of every day so that you can keep track your work of each day.
  • Don’t go fast.Understand each and every thing very clearly so that you don’t face any problem while writing in the exam.
  • Don’t get frustrate. If you unable to solve any problem leave it and start studying other subject.Try after some time to get back to old question and than solve it with full concentration.
  • Good notes. In most cases students don’t have notes.They study from the books and it takes a lot of time. So make notes yourself and than study with your notes.
  • Try to solve old questions papers so that you will get idea of the exam.




  • Read your all text books for once more revise. And highlight all the important theory by sketch pens.
  • If you have any incomplete chapter on any subject. Than leave it incomplete. Do not try to read that chapter details. Just read some important suggestive questions from that chapter, to write on exam
  • For speed up your handwriting, write and practice more. It will help you on exam time. Try to solve any mock test paper of any subject, within 3 hours, so that you have no problem on exam hall
  •  Practice mathematics problem and geometry problem. View the important formulas, which are used for solving mathematics problem.
  •  For Geography, read all the chapters carefully. Practice the map-pointing. And the numerical problem.•On History subjects try to remember all the important years. And write all the answers to-the-point. Do not write many.
  •  For Physical Science, read all the formulas, which are used for numerical problem. Read the Chemistry portion carefully,p and try to attend maximum questions from this section.
  • For Bengali, read all the pieces. For essay writings use only important points.
  • Try to use a rough diagram on each broad question (if possible) of your Life Science subject. Practice all the chapter and read them.


Since  2011, the marks division has been 90 points each for all the compulsory subjects. In addition, corresponding to each paper worth 90 (rather than the full 100) points, the school is allocated 10 points for internal evaluation.. As, decision of the board pass marks is 25%. And a student need to  pass in every subjects.

There is also an optional additional subject that can be chosen from those offered by the school among a huge selection allowed by the Board. The most common choice is work education and physical education. Other popular choices include mechanics and mathematics.

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