What do I get If i type any thing in google or any search engine

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Dear All

I am writing this post specially for you people. Its my final effort to bring you all at proper order or scale , which may make you productive enough to generate revenue for your self. You all have practiced for long and now when time is actually knocking your door step then you are loosing your hope and your performance has droped like never before. Although I know that its your exam time but few of your friends have excelled during exam time as well then why not you.

Please check heading of this post which says “What do I get If I type any thing in google.com” or any search engine. Probably we have been practicing this long for this only , few of you have achieved and few have still to achieve.

Through this post I would like to inform you why we do this , why are we focused on ” what do I get If I type any thing in google.com” because google generates 80% of web traffic , so our whole effort is to generate a bunch of traffic from you so that you may not remain liability to organization.

What do I get If i type any thing in google.com

What do I get If i type any thing in google.com

Here in this post Focus key word is “what do I get if i type anything in google.com” & Title is “What do I get If i type any thing in google.com or any search engine”

what so ever posts which we are making on everyday basis , should be worth enough that when so ever we type any thing in google or any search engine related to that topic at least when we write some thing related to “Focus key word” which in this scence here is “What do I get If i type any thing in google.com” or Title  we or any one else may get topic which I have written. I am going to pint out few basic guidelines , if followed next time you will find your post in google at top and may feel proud enough

Below are few other guidelines which you should follow while making the post

1. http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/  should be above 80% , In plain and simple words what so ever you are writing should be orignal and in your own words.

More over above tool is just basic guideline , we know that with little practice you can avert it , but please do not try that as we have better means as well do no cut copy paste please

2. 5 tags must be there

3. Meta description should be clear

4. Keyword should be searched by help from google keywords

5. Keywords should be simple

6. Every article must have a pic

7.One hyperlinking to any related post on oureducation.in or blog.oureducation.in

8. Tags of Pics must be clearly defined

9. Article must be of minimum 500 words

10. focus key word should be such that , people would have been typing to search in google for that post

11. Please increase utility of post

12. How many comments your post gets

13. you should not comment on your own post rather share on social sites like G+ , fb , twitter , stumble so that others may comment

And please share this post and comment as well , I will check your comments.

you can check out credibility of all what I have written in above post by typing “what do I get if i type any thing in google.com” TRY IT. CLICK IT AND SEE whats your first result. Read it and comment on it and please share it as well


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8 Responses to What do I get If i type any thing in google or any search engine

  1. Saswat Nayak says:

    It is really an awesome article for us.I think this has reduced my confusion about focus keyword and scripting an article with unique contents.This is going to be a real fact that one day we will find our article on the top of searching list of google.very very thanks to the author for making me understand with a good example.

  2. sneha nanda says:

    Very nice approach by the author to make us realise how to gain google traffic? This article is really helpful specially for the freshers like us who are new to SEO !! I’ll surely implement my next post blog by keeping in mind all the 13 points. THANK YOU 🙂

  3. Roshni Mishra says:

    Author has put in his utmost effort to make us understand how a website gains traffic and how a website’s visibility is being affected through this “all-in-one” nice piece of article. All the 13 points will serve as guidelines to make ones post worthy enough to reach the top rank in Google or any other search engine.One must go through this article to get tips to reach the top rank in search engines.

  4. Tapash Mazumder says:

    A real appreciable effort by the author to clarify the matter of why do we need to achieve our goals of bringing our post top in the Google rankings and how can we do it. Freshers like us in domain really needed to understand thew factors which could make it easy to do the assigned purpose. We just need to keep the above mentioned 13 points in our mind while writing a blog and may be on the next day this “13” may become most lucky for us.

  5. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    This is fully composed and a fine article , for any one who want to increase their page rank higher, and want to noticed from Google. And i would like to add some parameter on which the Google used to assign rank to different web pages ( components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm) , The different components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm are Trust/Authority of the Host Domain, Link popularity of the host pages, Anchor Text of External links to the pages, On page key word usage, Registration and hosting data, Traffic, Social graph metrics. Following this components Google used to indexed the different web pages for a specific keyword.

    If you follow all the instruction given in the article, A day after you posted your article, you will find your page/article above all the web pages already existing.

  6. Shashank Vivek says:

    Very Good Information regarding traffic generation through any search engine. what i can say is that i was not implementing point no- 2,6 and 7 properly in my previous blog posts. Now i will be writing Blogs using all these given Guidelines.
    Thank You !

  7. Mitali Panda says:

    Excellent post for the beginners like us who write blogs, just an awesome effort by the author to make us learn the basic principles of blogging, simple and clear points …….. this would be helping me alot and also would help other too who read it carefully.

    • Niroj Pahi says:

      It is just awsome guideline for the beginners. It is all about how to choose your keyword, how to write a perfect article which should be acceptable by seo tool.

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