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Cognitive Computing

With all due respect to current technology computers today are just large calculators but they really don’t think . So Cognitive Computing is in simple words is how we get computers to behave,think and interact the same way as humans do .The world today always provides us with in-perfect information but cognitive systems will allow us to collect information from what is heard  what is seen,what is felt and use that information to provide more accurate information .

Cognition in Synapse” Watson ” the first human brain machine is poised with less programming it learns and thinks like a person . Its very good at natural language and exercise to make self a better system.

Why Cognitive Computing ??

If we look at human brain its a simple two half divided structure with cerebral cortices separated from one another.The mid way corpus acts as the communication media between the two division. Our right hemisphere acts as parallel processor and the left part as a serial processor . Each of our different hemisphere have different personality .Our Right part of the brain is concerned about the present moment , it thinks in pictures. Information in form of energy streams into our system.It makes us visualize what the present moment feels like ? smells like ? looks like ?? we as energy beams are connected as per as right hemisphere, treats us as one human family . It strives for what is real with motto ” Right here Right now” . This part of our awesome brain learns kinesthetically  through movements of our body.

Whereas the left hemisphere is more into thinking and methodical approach . Its more into the past and future . It is dully designed to take the collage of details and takes details and more details of the details and separates us form the surrounding with a motto ” I am ”

Its a stone of possibility , stone of imagination where Neuroscience , super computer , nano technology meets together to create a radically different computer architecture  . So that it can function ,low-power ,small size, real-time of human brain . Modern computers are thus sequential symbolic nature that can be linked to left brain . Whereas the coming era of Cognitive Computing is capable parallel short complex thinking same as the right part of our brain.

Collapse - Simulation of Cognitive System

Monkey Brain Architecture chips

A central notion of neuroscience, sometimes called the ” neuron doctrine,” says that specialized cells in the brain, the neurons, are the biological substrate of brain computation.Human brain is sparse .Adult humans have about 100 trillion synapses infact six orders of its magnitude less than would be required to completely and directly connect the tens of billions of neurons that make up the brain.
Synapse are the media connecting the axiom of one neuron to the dendrite of the next .The transmitting media are the neurotransmitter . It is mainly of two types pre-synaptic and post synaptic.A mimic to human brain is really hard to achieve .So researchers among the globe is striving for mocking it to 4 species with brain structure simple as compared to our’s.

The cerebral fiber pathways formed a rectilinear three-dimensional grid continuous with the three principal axes of development. Cortical pathways formed parallel sheets of interwoven paths in the longitudinal and medico-lateral axes, in which major pathways were with condensations .

A brain of a worm is though achieved and the great minds in globe are looking forward for architecture same as that of macaque monkey.


Achieving what known as level of abstraction is important when comes in terms of Cognitive Computing. So What is a necessity in modular form is what solves the conundrum .
Four things mandatory to be looked upon for cognitive computing system are .

1).True North
3).Non-Von Neuman
4).Ultra low power

With each core in the architecture having Neurons , Dendrites , Synapses,Axons. Connected in similar terms as that of human mind.
We don’t have any oracle to guide us through the complexity , its a real tough job to manipulate and implement what known as Cognitive Computing Systems.
How to measure Cognition

AbstractionAlas a practical mono drama is not possible always , a simulation to embark and compare the architecture  with that with human brain solves the problem.
So the next generation Cognitive Computing can be slowly and methodically compared with biologically inspired human brain with help of a Simulation.
This was the best that great minds across globe achieve given the available super computing resources. The Livermore National Lab with 147,456 processors and 144 TB of main   memory, the simulation used 1.6 billion neurons and 9 trillion synapses.

For some scale reference points, consider this:

  • A cat cortex has roughly 760 million neurons and 6 trillion synapses. So, present simulation exceeds cat-scale.
  • A monkey cortex has roughly 2 billion neurons and 20 trillion synapses. So its simulation is roughly equal to 50 percent of monkey-scale.
  • A human cortex has 22 billion neurons and 220 trillion synapses. So its simulation, then, is 4.5 percent of human-scale                                                .

The Compass



The Compass simulator is an all-purpose built in simulator with multi dimensional artitrectures to pursue novel architectures, algorithms, and applications. Compass is indispensable for
(a) TrueNorth correctness via regression testing
(b) TrueNorth dynamics analysis
(c) Inter-core communication topologies
(d) Demonstrating applications in vision, audition, realtime motor control, and sensor integration.
(e) Estimating power consumption
(f) Hypotheses testing, verification.

The Pathway to Success:-

Programmable Neuromorphic Substrate: A Digital Neurosynaptic Core

The grand challenge of neuromorphic computation is to develop a flexible brain-like architecture capable of a wide array of real-time applications, while striving towards the ultra-low power consumption and compact size of biological neural systems.It has been thought to be achieved by –

A Digital Neurosynaptic Core Using Event-Driven QDI Circuits:-

Where The innovation is a configurable neurosynaptic core that combines 256 integrate-and-fire neurons, 1024 input axons, and 1024×256 synapses in 4.2mm2 of silicon using a 45nm SOI process



In a path to make cognitive computing systems .There was a need to do a bio metric ion of mammalian olfactory bulb .There is a system that is developed which is based on a digital neuromorphic chip consisting of 256 leaky-integrate-and-fire neurons, 1024 × 256 crossbar synapses, and address-event representation communication circuits. Thus empowering chips with a power of smell .A sense to distinguish smell and differentiate between them.

Cognitive ComputerAlthough Cognitive Computing apart form its counter part AI has a more global algorithm . The native algorithms used in AI and genetical interpolation can be used to a certain extent in this regard. Although smell has been developed in cognitive computing system . Watson the first cognitive computing system is poised with all capabilities and is still learning .


Cognitive Computing

What if the device used by the end users can touch . Using PIM(Product Information Management) as a smart Cognitive Computing database . Texture Dictionary can be developed . Although human brain as well as cognitive computing goes beyond just a simple texture classification .It can be poised with with multidimensional touch sensing and comparing as done in terms with the human brain. Imagine the situation where farmers can use cognitive computing systems to check by comparing crops just by touching .The Cognitive enabled system will compare the present status with the texture dictionary enabled with PIM . And thus will make life of farmer a lot more easy and smart .


The basic idea is that ,as we do know that there are huge data processing problems where there is huge set of data which current computers can’t deal with and the hope is that we can develop something as form of brain which can store huge amount of data .
There is huge number of algorithms used to build chips .Each chip integrated with indiviual neurons and synapses that are built and they are connected with artitecture drawn from the brain structure.

Evolution of Data Center




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  1. Rishu Goel says:

    It is another advancement in science and might true to be a boon for the humans…

  2. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Technology never End in any perspective and Cognitive Computing is the excellent example which meant for the future technology. Cognitive Computing is like a brain just like a human brain which can feel the surrounding and which can felt the think but the only difference in this two type of a brain is strength,knowledge,capability this three aspects change this two brain and show s how extraordinary brain is computer.

  3. Barun kumar singh says:

    Cognitive Computing removed the difference between neuroscience and computer science, and paves the way for machines that will have reasoning abilities analogous to a human brain. It is an interdisciplinary research and application field, and uses methods from psychology, biology, signal processing, physics, information theory, mathematics, and statistics.

  4. Atif Pall says:

    Suppose you want to build a computer that operates like the brain of a human. How hard could it be?
    Cognitive computing is a goal of building a computer as quick and flexible as a small mammalian brain applying artificial concepts of computer theory. Special computers require an artificial layout.
    Its all about building a machine that could learn from experience. Cognitive computing is just the exact concept of building computers that could function as fast as humans . One good example is playing computer chess game.

  5. sneha nanda says:

    Cognitive computing is often referred to as artificial intelligence.It integrates the idea of a neural network, a series of events and experiences which the computer organizes to make decisions.Our brain is a type of machine which can potentially be replicated. The development of neural networks in this direction is a very large step.This article has covered each and every aspects of study on”cognitive computing” and the work done is highly appreciated .

  6. sneha nanda says:

    By reading this article , i came to know many things about HUMAN BRAINS!!
    Very nice article on “Cognitive Computing” .

  7. Nilay Mazumder says:

    Cognitive computing refers to the development of computer systems modeled after the human brain.Cognitive computing integrates technology and biology in an attempt to re-engineer the brain, one of the most efficient and effective computers on Earth. The major advances in cognitive scienceis that the researchers interested in computer intelligence became enthused. Deeper biological understanding of how the brain worked allowed scientists to build computer systems modeled after the mind, and most importantly to build a computer that could integrate past experiences into its system. Cognitive computing was reborn, with researchers at the turn of the 21st century developing computers which operated at a higher rate of speed than the human brain did.

  8. Chaitali Mallick says:

    Cognitive Computing is also referred as Artificial Intelligence…

  9. Chaitali Mallick says:

    Cognitive Computing also referred as Artificial Intelligence..

  10. Neha S says:

    Being a lover of both computers and biology reading this article on COGNITIVE COMPUTING swung my head from right to left, and forced me to think “IS IT POSSIBLE” and then i read on.. and “YES IT IS POSSIBLE”.
    A very wonderful THINKING..
    LOVED IT 😀

  11. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    GREAT…. now its the time where the people will compete with its own made model…. COGNITIVE COMPUTING is achieved by using different technologies…. It will provide us results based on what it can sense…. good concept if implemented in good way and it should avoid destruction because we know what a HUMAN BRAIN can think…

  12. Debanki Mukherjee says:

    Time has come when we have to think beyond machines.COGNITIVE COMPUTING exactly does so.Its an intersection of three concepts neuroscience ,supercomputing and nanotechnology.

  13. diya mukherjee says:

    cognitive study makes the computers behave like itself.It combines neuroscience with computer science technology to create a system that can behave,think and react to different situations the way a human does. It gathers all the information regarding the situation to produce a very and accurate result. It helps to reduce human effort to a greater extent.

  14. sumit mukherjee says:

    Machine or computer having brain like human, is a amazing thought of that modern era. But now it is not just like a story. Cognitive computing makes it real just as we see in the movies like terminator or others. The big challenges come from the neuromorphic computation. But off course if our generation overcomes it, we are no longer away to see a new face of technology.

  15. K Rohit says:

    Mimicking the brain of a human being to this extent would be exceptional study in all respect

  16. shreya sarkar says:

    Heard this term for the first time. I think if stuff like this is implemented then a new era of technology ca be created. Wonderful concept!

  17. oishi chatterjee says:

    Can Computer be made to think like human? The Principal of CONGNITIVE COMPUTING says “yes”.
    It is a multi-displinary synthesis of neuroscience, computerscience, mathematics and information technology.These learn from experiences, find correlations,create hypothesis and remember and learn from outcomes. We are now entering a new era in which new generation computing is emerging with embedded data analytics and automated management.

  18. sibanjan says:

    cognitive computing is the implementation of human behavior.. rather to say human intelligence in the machine , like computers…. its physical attributes are same like the brain of the living beings…as this thing can work like a sum of numbers of calculators… to measure the senses ….its accuracy and precision should be verified ..

  19. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use techniques such as spatial navigation, machine vision and pattern recognition so that it can evolve itself increasingly and mimic the way a human brain works. Cognitive notion is something that could beat any human at the game of jeopardy.

  20. Rohit kumar says:

    bridging the gap between human and computer interaction is the next big revolution in the the field of social media. People are more infected by results they tend to relate to . Cognitive Computing is topic on which big tech and social media are vouching on……

  21. Manisha Chawla says:

    Earlier the people could never expect that such kind of technology could come which will help human being in doing mostly kind of brainy work,rather human labour has decreased a lot due to this technology.Now,COGNITIVE COMPUTING has came in place of large calculators.The world today always provides us with in-perfect information but cognitive systems will allow us to collect information from what is heard what is seen,what is felt and use that information to provide more accurate information .

  22. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Now the era has come where human made a computer which works like a human brain.Cognitive Computing is a computer system with neurobiological facts and it also give rise to mental processes of perception,language,memory, intelligence and consciousness.

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