What is Digestive system for class 12th Biology Board Exam

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What is Digestive system for class 12th Biology Board Exam

Digestive system

The body of a multicellular organism is very complex. the cell is the basic unit of life we all are aware about that and the cell belongs to same mechanism and helps to do same function makes tissue those tissues of same function makes organ those organs together makes the whole organism and they help us to perform different tasks for example the brain is specified for the thinking coordination and helping us do particular things.

now we are going to talk about the digestive system the system which is most required to fulfill the energy needs of multicellular organisms the digestion is a process starts from the mouth and ends at anus

alimentary canal is 9 meter long and the digestion and absorption takes place within this

it includes

1- ingestion

2- digestion

3- absorption

and excretion

1 by 1 we are going to talk about every step

first 1 is ingestion

mouth or buccal cavity helps in mixing of food with saliva the teeth helps in chewing the muscular organ tongue helps in movement of food with in mouth and makes it bolus

teeth are of 4 types canine, incisors, molar and premolar the dentist code for this is 2123 for quarter of the area and use of canine is tearing for incisors it is cutting and molar and premolars are for grinding of food.

the chewing and mucous is required for the easy passage of food in the oesophagus or food pipe.

the saliva also kills bacteria and make the food slightly alkaline. our buccal cavity secrete the salivary amylase as enzymes then from food pipe it enters in the stomach with the help of paristalitic movement required

stomach secretes 3 enzymes including HCl, pepsinogen and mucus

the HCL secreted from the stomach is required for making the whole medium acidic the ph of this mixture is 2 and it kills the bacteria and the mucous secreted from the stomach wall helps in the protection of the stomach wall from the acid then the food enters into the small intestine in small intestine the first part of it the secretion of liver that is the bile juice through the bile duct mixed with pancreatic juice through common duct then enters into the small intestine

Here in the intestine the food get mixed with the bile juice which helps in the emulsification of fat and the emulsify the fat globules and then the pancreatic juice acts on it and the food keeps on digesting to get into its smaller composition the walls of stomach have the tiny things known as villi which increases the surface area and help in the digestion of food the length of small intestine is 6.6 meter and then the food travels to the large intestine and the water absorbed from there and the remaining unable to absorb food is removed by the anus by mass peristaltic movement.

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