What is Multimedia?

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Anything which can be produced digitally we can call it “Multimedia”.Multimedia consists of Video, audio,text,animation,hypertext,Images etc.It is basically a computer controlled integration of still and moving images,animation and other media where every type of information can be represented,transmitted,stored and processed digitally.One of the best example we can take is our Mobile phone.It consists of multimedia content i.e we can access internet, play video, music, and run different applications.Multimedia application uses collection of multiple media sources.

multimediaAs this is the world of digitization multimedia has been developed a lot these days.Previously there was multimedia in few mobiles which were of high price, but now a days multimedia mobile phones comes in very cheap rate and which can be accessed by anybody as it is very simple and handy to use.The term “Multimedia” was introduced by singer and artist Bobb Goldsteinn to promote the July 1966 opening of his “LightWorks at L’Oursin” show at Southampton,Long Island. Multimedia files have their own formats with different extension.Like for music extension are like .mp3, .mp4 etc.The support for sounds, animations, and videos are handled in different ways by various browsers. Some multimedia elements is supported, and some requires an extra helper called a plug-in.one can easily know the type of file by checking out the extension of that file.In today’s world there is vast use of e-learning which is one of the fantastic feature of multimedia service.

MultimediaMultimedia is used to produce computer based training course and reference books.The support for sounds, animations, and videos is handled in different ways by different browsers.The various applications of multimedia including this is that it is one of the strong mode to entertain,advertising products , marketing and other useful things. The utilization of multimedia allows for interactive learning at the users pace. Learning goals can be identified and met before permitting the user to move on to the next lesson. Modern web pages have some embedded multimedia elements.

Well multimedia is the newest way of communicating ideas. With the purpose of communication, various technologies combine audio and video in different innovative ways and generate new ideas day by day.We create multimedia presentations for marketing and promotional adds. Is is divided in  two categories linear and non-linear.Today multimedia educational computing is the highest growing market in the world.In India it is in the initial state of development and now it has been developed a lot in respect of digitization field.


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