What type of Exam should I prepare for a better future?

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What type of Exam should I prepare for a better future?

Career-Defining Years

Every parent in India has become very well aware about the importance of proper Education for their children. A child enters the school to start a long journey of gaining knowledge and hence secure his future socially, financially and to get security with respect to the career. With the burden of the parent’s dreams on their shoulders, the children grow up and find themselves in College. College life in other countries unlike India starts after passing +2 which some people also call as Class 12th. The child’s student journey had already been very tough throughout his school life but the real test of his life starts after completing Class 12th when it is time to make a decision about which field to choose for higher studies so that he can ensure a better future with his career. There are obviously a very large number of options that are available to every student, but this makes the task of choosing a right career option even more difficult.

Many students find it difficult to find a suitable career option which suits his field of interests the basic reason for which is lack of experience. There are many paths for the student to travel on and continue his journey but he has no prior experience of any of the paths simply because he had never been there before. This can be made possible by takings necessary steps such as to take advice from elders who have better experience of life, from seniors who are already into a good career, make a research on various fields and courses that can give best of the career opportunities and then make a decision. This is the reason why two years of your education after passing Class 10th Exams are the most important career defining years of your life.

Why is higher education necessary?

In this growing world of technology, there is an increasing demand for a workforce with higher education and better capabilities. If you are a job oriented person, then you need to understand one thing very clearly that you will need a higher better degree to sustain in this world of tremendous competition. When it comes to getting a job, a person with higher degree will obviously be given more preference. Many companies demand specific degrees and specific level of education for selection of their employees.

With ever increasing population and growth in the number of intellectual people around us, there is always going to be a very tremendously tough competition for each job vacancy. It is clearly understandable that between a person with under graduation degree and another person with a Masters degree, the person with masters degree will always be given more preference. In addition to a degree, a candidate must have good work experience in the field and specific skill set to be the best candidate to be selected for the job. Even if you are not a job oriented person, and you wish to start your own business as an entrepreneur, you need to have managing skills and leadership qualities which are developed by having higher education.

How to get admission into a Reputed College?

Nowadays because of increasing competition in every professional field, even admissions into colleges I done with the help of entrance exams. Entrance exams enable colleges to filter the best candidates for admission to their institution, so that they can ensure a good result in the academics. Traditionally college admissions were only based on the scores of the previous level of exam that a student passes. For example, a student taking admission into a bachelor’s degree was given admission on the basis of the scores of class 12th examination. But, with changing times and with advent of entrance examinations, the students need to put in extra effort to get selected for admissions in good reputed colleges.

Which entrance exam should a student prepare for?

Even after making a decision about out which field to study in after class 12th, and by having a thought of preparing for entrance exams for college admissions, the student will still have very less knowledge about which entrance exam options are available to him to the relevant field and the question that arises in his mind is “What type of exam should I prepare for a better future?

Based on the field of interest, students can opt for various entrance examinations and prepare himself accordingly. A few entrance exams and their details divided into various fields of Education, are mentioned below:

1. Engineering Entrances

For admission into a reputed engineering college, student must appear for the best engineering entrance examinations that are organised by various technical institutions across the country. JEE mains organised by National Testing Agency (NTA), BITSAT organised by Birla Institute of Technology and Science, MET conducted by Manipal Academy of Higher Education or also called Manipal University, VITJEE conducted by VIT University, SRMJEE organised by bye SRM Institute of Science and Technology, etc are few of the best engineering entrance examinations for admissions to various reputed Engineering Colleges in the country.

The preparation for these examinations is done over a period of 2 years simultaneously with class 11th and 12th academics. These entrance examinations need high level of determination and hard work to qualify them with good scores.

2. Medical Entrances

For admission to medical colleges or other medical field relevant courses, the various entrance examinations are: NEET for admission to MBBS/BDS/AYUSH/veterinary and other medical or paramedical courses. In addition to this, various medical institutions organised Institute level entrance examinations in an autonomous manner.

3. Civil Services Entrances

The Indian Civil Services examinations considered to be the toughest entrance exams, for serving the country through civil services all the best option to be considered for a well settled reputed future. The Civil Services examination consists of recruitment to Civil Services of Government of India, Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

4. Entrance Exams for Foreign Studies

The students aspiring to acquire their higher education abroad can go for entrance examinations such as GMAT, PTE ACADEMIC, TOEFL, USMLE, ACT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, IELTS and MCAT.

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