What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies

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Before coming to the main point of the topic let us first try to understand what scam is actually. We can say, scams are the irregularity generated by us, the common people, for the public resources like land, license, money etc. for the fulfillment of our own needs. Now the next question that arises is how many of us have never given bribe for setting up something, or may be making our task easy. We can easily see a number of people giving bribe to the traffic policemen just to get rid of the difficulties if caught.

But what we are doing for our personal ease is not affecting the nation at a common level, if we think so then we are totally wrong, all the little activities we perform affect our nation too after all behind every huge problem their lies a set of common people, such things start at the local level.

So before blaming the government or any other party we should first try to bring change at our local level. Not only by not committing such things but also by not letting others do such sort of activity. After all any change needs to be started at our level. Now let us come to the point of the regulatory bodies:

All the complaints that are made should be done with a quick notice before it gets the involvement of other parties.

An immediate check should be done in response to such complaints as this would motivate the people.

Moreover it is not always necessary that the problems queried by people are true and legal, thus a proper verification team should be managed so as to ignore the false or fake complaints that too reverting within a fixed period of time so that they get proper focus.

The problem does not get solved here only, further actions also need to be taken, the investigation process should be carried out with a limited time according to the demand of the issue. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, transparency need to be maintained as it creates an environment of trust, along with the daily reports.

But such investigations become difficult when it is under the political influence, so a regulatory body should be free from the political impact and have the right to make decisions because once they come under the politics then it is tackled by the politicians according to their benefits and thereby leading the common man behind.

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5 Responses to What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies

  1. Mitali Panda says:

    i completely agree on the point that the regulatory bodies shouldn’t have any political pressure on them as it effects the decision……and always decision goes in favor of the rich and politically influenced one…

  2. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Well according to my point of view its very easy for us to blame others or government for any scam that we generally see in our surrounding but we forget that when it comes to us we the common people follow the same path. So, instead of blaming others we should have to look ourselves that what we are doing and correct our self first. If the mentality of every citizen will change then it will come with the great society. every problem comes with a solution and we have ability to find and correct it…!!!

  3. Ajay Singh Pundir says:

    article throws light on the importance of regulatory bodies for the control of scams……..

  4. Pallavi sinha says:

    Article looks impressive and focused on the point that if we r thinking about to change the system first we have to change ourselves n our work through which we knowingly, unknowingly slowly affect our economy n increasing corruption by giving bribes and other benefits to an individual for fulfilling our work. It’s true that in India political pressure is more,political leaders interfere in almost every category either it is education, job or any other field. This should be reduced by taking proper action to strengthen the economy .

  5. patlakshi says:

    to reduce scam we must bring change in ourselves first. If we start to take initiative we can certainly reduce scam. As this is our duty towards our nation to bring about a healthy nation.

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