Which App is Best for the IAS preparation?

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Which App is Best for the IAS preparation?

The traditional classroom model of teaching with teacher-student direct interaction was the only option till before a few years back when YouTube rose like a revolution and brought forward a concept of E-Learning. The use of technology over the last decade almost in every field has been revolutionary and same trend has been seen in the Educational Sector too. This technological revolution has changed the way we look at things and changed the way we want our children to study. First the advent of Internet proved to be a blessing as we got a tremendous source of knowledge with unlimited potential.

The concepts of E-Learning and Online classrooms are being widely accepted worldwide and even in India. With the start of 21st century, we had witnessed an unbelievable growth in the rise of Internet. As Internet reached every corner of the country and with increasing access to Smartphones, the experts from every part of the country started sharing their knowledge in the form of Video Lectures and Online Classes. We used to hear about the life experiences of our elder generations and almost everyone’s parents used to say that they used to travel miles to study and gain education in school. But now, the times have changed and a student has got the best of knowledgeable content at the comfort of their fingertips.

Online Coaching – Driving UPSC (Civil Services) Dream

Anudeep Durishetty when was declared UPSC topper in the year 2018, was quoted saying that, “YouTube is the best tutor”. It is clear from his example that internet has given a lot of freedom to aspirants like him to pursue UPSC Coaching Online. The physical coaching centres in any location of the country are highly expensive and not affordable by many. Moreover, the students end up wasting a lot of time commuting to reach the Coaching Centres and then spending a lot of time there already being exhausted. This can be alternatively done from the comfort of your home through YouTube Tutorials and live-streaming of lessons.

For many people belonging to rural areas, who cannot relocate to another city due to social and family constraints, online coaching has been a boon. Most online coaching lesson modules cost between Rs 5000 & Rs 15,000. So, a complete course package including all the relevant subjects can sum up to around Rs 60,000 and Rs 90,000. This is almost 50% to 60% cheaper as compared to the course fees of reputed premium institutes. The other costs like Cost of Commute, Vehicle maintenance, room rents (if you have relocated to another city for classes), etc can also be saved. A student learning through online courses ends up saving almost 90% of the hard-earned money that their parents pay for their education. There have been many new models of learning which have grown through the years, proving to be a blessing to the students by providing them various alternatives, so that they can choose the best suited one for them.

Top 10 Mobile Applications for IAS Preparation

The list of top 10 mobile applications is mentioned below:

1. Unacademy
2. Mrunal Mobile App
3. Civilsdaily
4. IASbaba
5. The Hindu
6. Vision IAS
7. Insights on India
8. Clear IAS
9. AFEIAS (Academy for Excellence IAS)
10. Knowlez

Best Mobile Application for IAS Preparation – UnAcademy

One of the largest India’s online learning platform which is an initiative for free learning for IAS preparation is UnAcademy. The Indian Civil Services dropouts who were toppers in the IAS examinations decided to serve people with the best of IAS study material and the resources for underprivileged with free services online.

Unacademy provides video lectures as per the demands of syllabus for the UPSC IAS exams. Kiran Bedi, one of the top IPS women officers who was also India’s first woman IPS, is also linked with UnAcademy and his sharing her knowledge and experience on the platform. It has a reputation of of providing free access for the UPSC aspirants to the best of the resources. It has millions of subscribers on YouTube and and even more number of downloads on the Google play store which shows the success of the app in developing trust among the students by it services.

It also produces daily NewsCards on its app which provides the students with latest regular content on Current Affairs. This increases the effectiveness of the app and adds to its innovation and creativeness. It has a great content on subjects like History, Economics, Indian Legislation and General Studies which are important parts of UPSC IAS syllabus. This app has its reach to the most remote localities of India which provides the students with the chance to be toppers in IAS. It has empowered the financially weak students to get the best of content for their exam preparations. It has got services from India’s top newspaper agencies live The Times of India and the Hitvada which provides the students with the latest of information from around the world. The students can find the latest current affairs topics from these newspapers which are asked repeatedly in the IAS examinations. It has a mission to reach almost every student wishes to prepare for IAS examinations, has it has a dedicated Team, Technology and Creativity which can be very helpful in guiding them on the path of their goal. The app also provides the most detail insights on India culture, traditions, religions and the country’s prosperity. The app has also developed a wide database of around 1.5 million questions which is almost the largest database of IAS syllabus questions anywhere in the country. This is a kind of blessing for the students as they get to practice almost each and every question thoroughly.

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