which college is better

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Which college is better or which course is better

A very common question by many parents and students which college I should opt for or which college is better?. I have got computer science in VIT and I am getting Mechanical in Thapar and many more , but on this I can only say simply that before college you need to decide which course you want to study. Area of your interest , For every parents I would only suggest that never look for

which college is better

which college is better

college at first go , as because if your ward is getting admitted in one of so called top college then he or she would have been selected in another college of similar category so first preference should be given to course in which student is actually interested. Its a general question which goes in every ones mind that , How do I know that which branch will suite me best ? It has simple answer : No one knows better than student about there area of interest and a student should never think that “I should take computer science because people doing B-Tech from computer science are paid high” This is wrong conception , your payment is entirely dependent upon knowledge which you inculcate during course and any Branch can have maximum pay out.

Which college is better is always wrong question to ask for , as a career guide I will never suggest any one to ask this question as he or she should be focused upon first area of interest and if it matches profile then only comes matter of which college is better.

Which college is better comes only when you have option of colleges for same subject in which your interest lies , I have few friends whom I saw choosing better college in terms of overall ranking but missed there favorite subject and that created a loss in career.

One of my friend chose IIT Delhi where he got to read MS in Physics but he had always been interested in Electronics and He was getting electronics in IIT BHU but he chose college over subject , 10 years down the line he regrets.

I think , which college is better ? is not right question rather correct question should be ,which college can make me better.

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