Which Institute Is Better For Medical Coaching, Base or Aakash Institute

Which institute is better for NEET Coaching, base or Aakash institute?

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After completing Higher education, a neet aspirant generally hears about different coaching institutes. And wish to study in the best one. One such comparison is generally heard between BASE coaching institute and Aakash coaching institute. And question is asked-


Which institute is better for NEET, base or Aakash coaching?

  • Aakash and BASE, both have branches across different cities. 
  • Both of these coaching recruit talented facilities. But the recruitment level of faculties in Aakash institute is higher than BASE institute.
  • Both of the institute provides their own study material. But there’s a huge difference between modules provided by both the institute. Aakash institute provide vast content on every topic which are edited and updated time to time by the specialised and senior faculties.
  • Mock tests and periodic tests are also conducted by both the institutes. But question papers provided by Aakash institute follows pattern of neet in a much better way. 
  • Aakash institute also conducts AIATS tests which provides all India rank of the Students.
  • Aakash institute provide much better feeling of competition than the BASE institute.
  • Tracking scheme of student growth of Aakash institute is better than the BASE institute.
  • So this article is the result of deep and thorough analysis and evaluation of different factors among these two institutes and I have also described the facilities provided by the best one, in detail.

Akash institute is way much better than BASE institute.  Due to following facilities available in Aakash institute-

  1. Skillful educating pattern

  •  The teaching method is distinctive  and aggregates that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also brilliant study material, which helps in clarifying doubts of students.
  • Each and every lecture is pre planned and also  make sure that the content delivered is standard.
  • The concept at Aakash is not only to teach for Entrance exams but also for board exams. 
  • Every effort is made to make the concepts crystal clear to the student. 
  • But still students sometimes will find the level of coaching of Aakash a bit high, and for that students have to go through NCERT first.
  1. Well competent department.

  • Aakash has a vast pool of talented and highly qualified faculty.
  • Teachers recruited from International Institute of Information Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Institute of Technology. 
  • The basic structure of Aakash is firmly built on a highly professional faculty team consisting of a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. 
  • The notable qualifications and vast experience of the teachers enables them to make complex problems easy for students. 
  • Aakash provides the great talent in the sector of education for all subjects from every nook and corner of the country .
  1. Good Track Record of Results in NEET.

  • Aakash institute have a great and continuous result consistency when it comes to neet
  1. Doubt Clearance 

  • Doubt clearing sessions allow students to clear their doubts and also enable them to grasp that topic more firmly.
  • The students at Aakash find the doubt clearing system quite helpful. 
  • During doubt clearing hours, students can ask any doubt on any topic from the respective subject teachers in allotted rooms.


  1. Tests and Assignments 

  • Aakash Assignments provide a great help to the students and make them more confident about that topic. 
  • The students try the set of problems on their own without the support of the teachers. 
  • These assignments ensure that the students concentrate on the lagging areas.
  • These assignments help Students in reduction of error during problem solving. Also help in clearing concepts as well as in saving time due to decreased times in solving questions.


  1. Motivational Sessions 

  • Institute also conducts motivational classes to inspire students to achieve success.


  1. Parent Teacher Meetings 

  • Parent-Teacher Meeting acts as an education delivery and feedback system.
  • After one or two AIATS parents are invited to meet the faculty with their wards. 
  • By doing so, parents can directly meet the teachers and know about the weak areas of their child.


  1.  Chain Network in all over India

  • Aakash institute has branches all over India i.e, more than 186 centers  and from those branches lot of experience is gained. Which helps in further development in teaching patterns.


  1. Competitive Atmosphere

  • Competitive environment creates a sense of competition among students and encourages them to perform more and more better. It also allows focused learning.


  1. Encyclopedic Study Material 

  • Aakash institute provides their own modules designed by specialised faculties, based on NEET updated pattern.


  1. Learning Programs 

  • Aakash offers the following digital courses:
  • Aakash Live- Provides  Live Online Course with Aakash Faculty.
  • Aakash iTutor- It is an  e-learning program providing high-quality content on Tablet, PC and Mobile


  1. Attendance Monitoring 

  • Attendance of students is tracked on the daily  basis by biometric, barcode scanner,etc.
  • Parents are informed through messages or calls if a student is not present in class.


  1. Scholarship and Awards 

  • Aakash has been awarded several times for their innovation and leading-edge solutions. 


  1. Comprehensive testing system 

  • Institute also conducts different types of tests  such as test segments , Fortnightly Tests, Term Tests, Complete Syllabus Tests and All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). 
  • The Complete Syllabus Tests are full length tests that cover the entire syllabus of the particular subject. 
  • The All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) is conducted for all students across India along with the students with DLP (Distance Learning Program) . 
  • AIATS creates a sense of competition at all india level among students.


  1. Modern Infrastructure 

  • All the classrooms are  well furnished, lightened and spacious.
  • They also provide a library that offers students a wide range of books. 


    16. Monthly Performance Report

  • With regular practice tests and AIATS, you can now analyze your performance and review your progress.


Contact details of Aakash institute-

Registered office Address:

Plot No.: 8, Aakash Tower, Pusa Road, New Delhi 110005, India

Telephone: +91-11 47623456, Fax: +91-11 47623472

Email: corporate@aesl.in


Contact details of BASE institute


27, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi,Bengaluru,

Karnataka, 560004


Atlast I want to acknowledge you all that coaching institutes only provide guidance and support to the students. But students have to work hard on their own. So Prepare, Practise, and Prove yourself. But remember to eat healthy and stay healthy.

All the very best for your future ahead.


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